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Hello. My father recently fell for a caller scam where he gave them remote access to one computer. We have a network of 6 computers and I am not sure if the network internets security is compromissed or the routers security.

Its a dlink router and the computer in question was not plugged into port 1. We use aol internet but he connected the remote access without using an ip address. I never read up on the subjest as I always thought it was a bad idea and have no idea how to handle this. Of course I mean outside the odvious format computer and change all passwords.

Also any help in finding out what data was accessed or stolen would also be helpful.
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  1. as a small bump and more information the person changed settings so that files can not be openned, just folders. I dont need a complete answer for all the things mentioned but parts would be helpful.

    Update system restore as allowed files to be openned again,
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