How to limit default window size

I also would like to know how to limit the size of a NEW window in Windows XP.

I have searched many sites only to find the same lack of understanding of this supposed simple question.

Opening a NEW WINDOW goes to the DEFAULT SIZE always.

I am not speaking of saving a previously opened window I am speaking of opening a NEW WINDOW. (from the BEGINNING, the INITIAL opening of that particular window).

Is this such a difficult question to ask? My biggest complaint is that Windows tries to be our master not our servant! Where are these parameters stored so that we can set them to what we want?

Thank you
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  1. There's no simple answer to this as each program stores its own default window size. For example, here's how to control this setting for IE. For other programs you'll have to do a bit of Googling to find the answer.
  2. Ijack said:
    There's no simple answer to this as each program stores its own default window size. For example, here's how to control this setting for IE. For other programs you'll have to do a bit of Googling to find the answer.

    The point that windows stores the each opened window has been belabored ad nauseum! The same applies for Internet Explorer!

    Each new window gets it's initial size parameters from somewhere!
    The question is where is that information (default) located!
    I have been exploring (no pun) another possibility which is that there may be a Registry location which if left empty goes to the "Default".

    This would be harder to find as such a setting must be added to the Registry in order for the "Default" to be changed.

    Only someone who really knows how to hack windows would be able to show where such a setting should be added.

    Thank you.
  3. No doubt these paramaters are stored in the Registry (for most applications) - separately for each application (and, no doubt, also for each user). That's the way I do it in any programs that I write.

    If the point has been laboured ad nauseum there's not much point in labouring it further, so I'll leave you to it.
  4. The point that has been labored ad nauseum is that everyone trying answer the wrong question just to get their two cents in.

    We know how to set the size of a previously opened window - ad nauseum.

    We know how to set the size of an internet explorer window - ad nauseum.

    What EVERYONE is searching for is there someone smart enough to find out what should be placed in the registry to set the size of a new window and where in the registry it should be placed. (That would be windows explorer not internet explorer!)

    This is for the "default settings" to a new folder not the setting to the next time that folder will be opened and not to an Internet window!
  5. Windows Computes the size and location of the new window. It is not held in the system registry for next time.

    Windows looks at the screen size, resolution, aspect ratio, bit-depth, neighboring new windows, (to cause cascading windows).

    Open 4 new windows one after the other. Each new window is slightly offset to expose the fact there is another window under the one you just opened.

    You seem displeased that nobody can tell you how to set the size of a new window. It is (nearly
    *) impossible. If you change your resolution from 1920 x 1080 to 1024 x 768 and then open a new window, it will fit. If there was a magic registry setting to fix the size of new windows, it would not have fit.

    You are stuck with the size of a new window.

    * nearly... if you are experienced at code dis-assembly, reverse engineering, and assembly language,
    then you could make Windows generate a new window to your personal preference. This is as far as I go here (forum rules (hacking)).
  6. Frustrated by Windows; I feel your pain, I'm looking for the same thing as well.
    I want to change the default size of a new folder window. As in when I create a new folder on my desktop (XP SP3 using windows classic folders, not the new style with the common tasks on the left) I want it to be about 60% as wide as it is. I know I can set them to the size I like by dragging the border, but the problem is the pc 'forgets" these settings. It usually forgets My Documents and any named New Folder, sometimes it forgets in an hour, sometimes in 2 seconds. Why, I have no clue, but that's what happens and it's very frustrating! So rather than resizing every time I open said folders, I'd like the default width to be equal to my desired width so when it forgets it doesn't matter because default is my desired width.

    That width setting is obviously in there somewhere, and someone knows where it is. Please help!!!
  7. chevota said:

    That width setting is obviously in there somewhere, and someone knows where it is. Please help!!!


    There is no "secret place" Windows stores anything to do with the new window size.. IT IS COMPUTED EVERY TIME.

    Don't miss the part where I said "Windows looks at the screen size, resolution, aspect ratio, bit-depth, neighboring new windows, (to cause cascading windows)."

    You will NEVER, EVER get Windows to lock into a size you want.

    If you insist, then Crap in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up first.
  8. No need to get upset. I do understand what you're saying about it figuring the size, I just don't believe it. The size it chooses is the exact same size every time. So somewhere there's data telling it to do this, and that data can be changed. I'm running a resolution of 1280x960 and it defaults a new open folder to 800 pixels wide, I want 475.

    Actually I'd be happy if my pc simply remembered my width settings. I can set what few folders I use to what I want in a minute, the problem is windows forgets in a few hours to a few seconds and I get tired of resetting them. It's ridiculous, for example if every time you got in your car the seat was in the position it came from the factory and you had to reset it even if you just got out to put gas in it, you'd be pissed and you'd do something about it, right?
    There IS a setting in there and this IS possible. Either the default width or forcing it to remember my width, either one and I'm happy.

    Ans how is it that windows can remember my size settings and even position for IE, Firefox, Opera, PDF, Word, Excel, Picture viewer, Photoshop, reg cleaners, basically everything I use, except an open folder window??? And how is it that it almost always remembers the width when I open "My Computer'? How is My Computer different than My Documents, or New Folder? When it forgets it's always My Documents that goes first, then any titled New Folder. After that it's random with the exception of My Computer which it only forgets once every few months.

    Yesterday I tried Actual Window Manager 6.6, but still I'd have to click a button each time I opened a folder to make it my size. Easier than resizing, but still annoying. More annoying it it also set the width of other windows I didn't ask it to. For example a DOS window from a batch file is now about 1' wide and I have to drag it open to see it, and I mean every time I use it. Popup notes, install boxes, etc etc are all either too narrow or too wide. I uninstalled the program but those abnormal settings are still there and many can't be changed, so I'll have to reload windows to get it back to normal.
    Speaking of normal, this width issue isn't unique to my pc/os. I've had several desktop and laptops, and I have several copies of XP, from Original, SP2, SP3, Media edition, Corp, modified editions I downloaded from the net, nothing changes the way it remembers my width. Some last longer than others, but they all do it. I'm also cursed with the svchost hogging my cpu. Whenever I boot and open a browser it locks up and I need to end the one svchost that's hogging for no reason. After that it won't bother me until the next boot and browser opening.
    I mention what seems to be TMI because maybe they're related and someone may have an idea for those of us who share these problems.

    Thanks to all...
  9. I've seen post like this from back 2002, now its 2011. Amaaaazing! 9 years! 9 years and no answer for this "simle question". I've been frustrated because of this for a long time but i've been obedient to my "master" (as Frustrated by Windows said) up until now and i just can't take it much more. I know how to force this thing to happen. Chevota, you were right, it seems that my computer forgets its size harder that my documents or recycle bin (if you have it on desktop), these last two seem to reset to 800x600 way to fast so here is how you force it to happen: I have my computer, my documents and recycle bin on my desktop all of them reset to the same size (different than that of default), if i am to create a new folder on my desktop and open it then BAM! guess what, yes: my documents and recycle bin are reset to default, my computer still holds onto my size settings. I think this happens even if you insert a flash drive into one of your USB ports or a CD/DVD into your optical drive and let the autorun to pop up and choosing the open in folder option (however i disabled the autorun from services.msc). The only way to avoid this is by accessing your newly created folder (for example on your desktop) by browsing through my computer to the path which i guess you know "... \Documents and settings\Your username\Desktop\...". There has to be a workaroud for this issue.
  10. I'm with you. About 95% of the answers are pure bunk where someone just wants to get their comment in. Here is one method that works sometimes but not always in XP.

    Hold down the CTRL Key and with the mouse resize the window in question. by dragging from the lower right corner.

    While still holding the Control Key down go to the task bar at the bottom of the screen and close the window out. Do not close by using the X at the top of the screen. Release the CTRL Key.

    When this works, the next time you open that window it will be as you sized it.

    Sometimes it works and some times it won't.

    Good Day
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