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Hi can anyone help,
does anyone know if intels core 2 duo processor is compatible with an ASUS P5GD2X motheboard?? i'm doing the research but am new to computers

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    Above is ASUS CPU support for your mainboard. C2D's are not listed on this page. Board has only 800 FSB support so only 2000/4000 Allendales may be outside chances to run if voltage is supported. Conroe requires at least 1066 FSB. Intel 915G appears to have some limited core 2 support, as your board sports a 915 chipset you might just get away with one of the above CPU's.

    However in my experience mobo platforms (chipsets) are more critical to C2D experience where as AMD's with on board memory controller perform pretty well equally on all platforms. So I'd recommend upgrading the board as your current one won't get the best out of the CPU even if it ran on it at all.
  2. As the others implied, it won't work. You have the 915 chipset -The minimum chipset the C2D needs is the 945, and even most older 945 boards do not support the C2D either.
  3. Ok, so my ASUS P5GD2X is a dead end, what kind of mobo would i be looking to purchase. basically i'm customizing my own PC for music production, and the core 2 duo is perfect for my needs, any tips for a motherboard??

  4. Gigabyte P35-DS3L - supports any C2D and is pretty cheap, with good overclocking features.
  5. ^Agreed.
  6. I'd get an MSI P35 Neo2. Better looking, better overclocking, far better quality, and for only slightly more and the loss of Firewire (which could be an issue if you need it... I never use it, so I don't care.)
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