Can I force Win7 to recognize my DVD-RW's?

I just moved from overseas. I disassembled my computer, carried it in my luggage and then reassembled it. The only thing I changed is the case.
Since reassembling it, Windows (7 ultimate 64-bit) will not recognize either of my 2 DVD-RW's. At boot, my bios offers them as boot options, and with the Win7 disk in the one, it will boot from it if selected. However, once within the Win7 environment...nothing. Not even any yellow exclamation marks in device driver. Both DVD-RW's are on an IDE cable, while my HD's are all SATA. I have tried to force installation, tried installing a legacy device, everything I can think of.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can force Win7 to search for and find my DVD-RW's?
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  1. Sorry for the repost...I didn't see any confirmation the first had posted.
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