1 core temp higher than other 3 (q9550)

Alright, I've searched/researced/read everything I could about temperature readings on quad cores and can't come up with an explanation/reason on this issue.

I have one core which tends to run about 5-7 degrees warmer than the other three. Sample readings are below. This occurs whether the proc is overclocked or not.

Idle - 35/28/29/30
Load - 48/40/39/39

Overclock (400*8.5) 3.4:
Idle - 38/33/34/33
Load - 58/52/51/50

I've reseated my cooler 3 times with the same result. I use realtemp, but it's the same in coretemp, speedfan, or everest.

I just want to find out if this is alright or should I be looking at RMAing the CPU? Any help/experience would be greatly appreciated.

Rig: Asus P5Q Pro, Q9550, G.Skill 8GB DDR2-800, Xigmatek 1283, NZXT Tempest
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  1. The temperature sensors in CPU cores are not calibrated particularly accurately. I'd say if you've tried reseating the headsink and the problem still persists it may just be a dodgy / fulty sensor. Also, depending on what background processes you are running and how the OS you are using manages threads it may be the case that the core is being used more. Try looking at the temp readings available in your BIOS.
  2. Yeah, I'm guessing perhaps that core is getting a heavier load than the rest? Although that wouldn't necessarily explain unequal temps at 100% load. I'm doubting that Intel is going to let you RMA a processor due to 1 core showing a different temp than the rest.
  3. its normal

    my q9550 has an average core difference of 12 C


    on load its less though

    so my idle temps always read high because of the one core... i idle in the low forties at 3.85 ghz on it and load in the sixties
  4. So the million dollar question (or at least the $300 I paid for the processor)

    Can I ignore the one temp and assume it's actually closer to the other 3?

    Build in a little more cushion to my max allowable temp and go from there...trying to get a higher OC?
  5. Richie_W,

    The CPU temperature in BIOS is exactly that; CPU temperature (Tcase), not Core temperature (Tjunction). The differences are explained in detail in my Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/221745-29-core-quad-temperature-guide


    Core 0 is factory miscalibrated. You can calibrate CPU temperature and Core temperatures in SpeedFan by using my Guide. You can also calibrate Core temperatures in Real Temp. Inconsistencies in Core temperatures have been discussed in depth numerous times on the Real Temp thread at Xtreme Systems - http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?p=3278887#post3278887 - which has grown to 91 pages and 2260 posts.

    Comp :sol:
  6. Thanks for the info Comp...I'll try your calibration and let you know what the result is.
  7. I look forward to your results.
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