Realtek Lan Driver not recognized by windows 7

Hello All,

so this question might have been answered for some but i've been reading the threads and have tried other's working solutions and they have not worked for me.

I recently moved my whole system to a new case ( a full tower vs mid) and everything was peachy until i notice no internet. at first i think ok i'll just re-download the lan driver via MSI cd. I put it in and all the drivers are colored and clickable except the lan one, crap, not sure why.. but i try downloading the driver via another computer and put it on external hard drive and install it from there. well it worked until a pop up comes up that says "The Realtek Network Controller was not found. If Deep Sleep Mode is enable Please Plug the Cable" now of course the cable was plugged in so i was confused.. just to make sure i tried rebooting a few times, taking out the ram to reset motherboard settings. after that failed i checked my programs and settings and the driver was installed but under device manager.. nothing for networking at all. so i guess my question is, Is my windows failing on me cuz it can't recognize the lan or is my motherboard crapping out on me?

Case: In Win Dragon Rider
MB: Msi P55m-GD41
CPU: i5 661 3.33 Ghz
Graphics: Asus GTX 460 se
Ram: 8 gig corsair XMS 3 ddr3
PSU: CM 80+ certified 650watt
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  1. I'd be inclined to think that your motherboard is crapping out
  2. ya.. that might be why it's been discontinued through newegg. xD
  3. You did of course check in the BIOS to make sure that the network controller was enabled didn’t you?
  4. ya.. pretty sure.. i can check again...
  5. so after like 3 to 4 days of reading threads of ways to fix this and none of them working.. i'm thinking this board is discontinued for a reason and i shud just buy a new one for like $100 prob go with a more dependable MB brand anyhow
  6. Have you tried clearing the CMOS memory?
  7. ya.. ive tried cmos reset.. i've tried bios config.. i've tried uninstall and reinstall.. nothin is even coming close to working.. so . screw it.. this MB is gonna get replaced
  8. Rather than replace the motherboard you could always fit a cheap PCI network card. Cheaper than replacing the motherboard.
  9. true.. very true.. i'm gonna try that..
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