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Hey i was just wondering is there a difference in performance between bigger hard drives and smaller ones? Like if i had an 80gb one dedicated to the operating system and installing programs, would that be quicker than say a 500+gb one doing the same thing? Im just wondering if its easier/faster for smaller hard drives to retrieve information than bigger ones. Searched and couldnt find an answer to this. Thanks!
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  1. I'm not certain, but i think a larger hard drive would be faster on sustained reads and writes because more info per degree of rotation. No idea about seek time though. Also, larger drives usually have larger caches.
  2. It is usually just the opposite.
    How old is the 80 gig compared to the 500 gig?
    What is the rotational speed of the 2 drives?
    The larger drives have can have multiple platters, or much higher densities, larger cache than the smaller drives.
    Many factors here to consider to supply a definet answer.
    What are the 2 drives exactly?
  3. I dont actually have two drives im comparing i was just wondering for my new build.
  4. The large drives are actually faster, The reason is that they are denser, so more data is transferred during the same 7200 rpm revolution. This is particularly true of the fastest outer cylinders of the drive. The seek time is less, also because the access arm does not have to traverse as much distance if you are using only the fastest 5% of the drive. If you plan on actively using only 5% of a 1tb drive, you will get near the same performance of a velociraptor for half the price.
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