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Hello Everyone,

Please help,I would like some overclocking tips for my new rig.This is my first custom rig and the build took me about 5 hrs including OS installation. I built this rig specifically for FSX and here are the specs

630W Raidmax modular PSU w 120mm fan
AMD Athlon 64x2 6000+ (3.0ghz)w stock cooling
ECS GF8200A Mobo
GSKILL DDR2 800(2x2 gigs)
250gig Seagate HD 3.0 transfer,32mb cache
PNY 8800GT 600mhz core,1800mhz Mem
Aerocool Aero Engine 2 Case w 1-180mm side fan,1-140mm front intake,1-120mm rear exhaust
Vista Home Premium 32-bit w sp1
FSX + FSX Acceleration(Sp1&2)

Since FSX is mainly a cpu and mem hog, I would like to push this rig as far as I can without overheating any components or causing system instability. I have checked out some reviews on this mobo and I don't know a thing about mobo or cpu overclocking :(. I've only used Riva Tuner in the past for a 7800GS I had on my P4 3.0 system).
Currently my fps on FSX is locked solid at 23-25 frames and drops to about 8-12 at busy airports with traffic at about 40%. I've also been told that more CPU power should get rid of the micro stutters and hesitation while turning during flight.

Please help :)
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  1. Here is an A64 OCing guide. It is a bit old but everything it says still applies. The only thing I would suggest is using OCCT instead of Prime95 or SuperPi.
  2. Thanks faster3200 for the OC guide. I shall be going through it this wknd hopefully,right now TS IKE is breathing down our collective necks here in Houston, so if all goes well I'll start the process and keep ya informed of my progress or lack thereof :)
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