GA-M68SM-S2L and Adaptec RAID 1220SA

Hi all,

I bought an Adaptec RAID 1220SA and plug it into my GA-M68SM-S2L on PCI-E slot. The installation was successful. I could manage Adaptec's BIOS and setup my RAID 0. I installed the windows drivers and all was successful and then i discovered that my on-board network card wasn't working. I checked the cable, it was fitted alright, no led activity, i checked Devices under control panel, no Network Controllers.So i restarted the computer, pressed DEL for the BIOS Setup and the on-board network card was enabled. I rebooted. I notice buring the BIOS POST at the screen that prints the IRQ assignment on devices that no Network Controller showed up. I installed a 2nd pci ethernet card, disabled the on-board but the problem still exists. So i remove the Adaptec raid controller, remove the pci ethernet card, enabled the on-board but still nothing. During the BIOS POST the networks card(s) led are not and i have the cabled plugged correctly.

Anyone else had the same or similar problem?
Do you have any suggestion to solve it?


PS. already have the latest bios upgrade (F5) on the motherboard
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  1. Hi atno,
    I saw this network card issue once, on the asus a7v motherboad (v/a chipset).
    I tried the new bios revisions and the card initialized randomly, but after a boot sequence it always dissapeared.
    The board was bad, I became a second one and which had similar issue. Then I became a third one and that piece works flawlessly till today. (it was another revision as the two)
    You should try to RMA your board. :D
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