New Build, weird problems related to overclock

Antec 900 Case
Intel Q6600 @ 3.6ghz 1.45vcore
Zalman 9700LED CPU Cooler
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 Motherboard
2GB G.SKILL DDR2 800 Ram @ 5-5-5-15
nVidia eVGA 8800GT 512MB SC
2x 320GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.10
SoundBlaster Audigy SE

I've been experiencing some weird problems and one of them has to do with Overclocking.

This is with a stable 3.6ghz overclock with Orthos.

Sometimes after an overclock, a week or two goes by and then it becomes unstable in a kinda weird way. My sound begins to stutter.

Example. Everything is working fine but when I go to load up Team Fortress 2, at the beginning of the Valve intro, the sound is all stuttery and when I try to join a game it just hangs at the screen before it enters the game.

In Hellgate London the sound will be suttery and have random high pitched ticks and pops.

Watching a video off youtube the same thing happens.

The problem is corrected when I set the bios back to default.

It will NOT fix if I lower the overclock. I've even manually reset it back to stock speed and it doesn't work unless i've loaded defaults in bios.

I do have the newest version of my bios.

After I reset to defaults I can successfully overclock again until the next time it happens.

These below have been happening since I built the computer, not related to overclocking.

I'm also having a weird problem where every time I boot up my computer I sit at the " Verifying DMI Pool Data " for 10 or so seconds every time, I don't remember my previous computers doing that.

And also my windows loading screen seems to move a lot slower than older computers I have. T
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  1. There might be problem with your overclock, that CPU is overclock to the point where FSB noise became a significant problem. If that's the case, you should look to:

    1. Increase chipset voltage
    2. Increase FSB termination voltage.

    You may also publish this thread in the "overclock" section, as more experts in this regard can help you better.
  2. how long do you run orthos x2? 8 hours at least. 12 would be best. Also, do 8 hours memtest.
  3. dont run the cpu at 3.6.... lol only run it that high for benchmarking. i would say 3.2 tops for 24/7 use
  4. I'm guessing he really want to push his CPU to the max but it has significant decrease in performance. Just make sure you don't increase the voltage too much.

    Another thing, why not when you play games just play on default settings it makes it more easier for you, so theres less crash and freezing.
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