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*Update* after 10 days, the monitor is absolutely terrible with black light bleeding.
Monitor settings to combat this: 0 brightness 100 contrast, but still leaves more then there should be.
After 4 monitors, I can not recommend this monitor. I do not have a sutible replacement monitor in mind as even the new Dell 2408 has bad input lag, which this monitor doesn't seem to while playing guitar hero. If I had a CRT to time it with, I would.

Sorry guys.

Above is a good review with pics. They claim it took 2 monitors to get a great monitor. Took 18 days for the first one to go bad.

Alright, this is my full review with pics. Bare with me as I don't do these often.

Full monitor details:
LCD Panel Type: TN

Number of monitors tested: 4

-------------------------------------------Nitty Gritty on 2nd post-------------------------------------
First Impressions:
These are usually the worthless bits of information as far as functionality goes, but looks, construction feel, and overall appeal of a monitor can be top selling points to some.


Cables: VGA/DVI/USB/Power
Monitor and stand are packaged separately which is normal. Stand does not have a lip to seat itself into the monitor which is a problem in my opinion (compared with Dell's design). I had to lay the monitor flat on a table upside down to attach the stand via 4 screws.

The monitor screen is not protected by plastic once removed from the foam. Instead, the boarders of the monitor are only protected by plastic strips to protect the trim. Considering you must place the monitor upside down to attach the stand, this was not good planning.

There was no waste of foam packaging material. Everything came apart without trouble or resistance.

Visual appeal:

The monitor is very stylish compared to some offerings from HP, Dell, or even the older Gateways. The borders are gloss black with a metallic bottom lip sporting a shiny Gateway logo. There is also a matching metallic trim on the side of the monitor that stands out a few cm. All feature adverts can be removed except for the HDMi/DCDi logos in the lower left corner and the HD deceleration on the upper right.

The stand is standard, with a slot to pass though cables and a triangular base with the horizontal size facing the user. I do like Dells approach a bit better. Footprint is about 10 inches wide which is less then Dell's open ended stand.

Video Inputs:

The monitor rotates 90 degrees for easy access to all ports which is very nice considering Dell and other manufacturers do not include a rotating display on their cheaper models. Each port is easy to access and provide the right amount of resistance when pugging in or removing component cables.

Quick Features:

The 4 port USB hub is very nice to have, and the feature is becoming more common on monitors, though at a higher price for some (again Dell which does not have a hub on their cheaper monitor).
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  1. Alright, this is my full review with pics. Bare with me as I don't do these often.

    Full monitor details:
    LCD Panel Type: TN

    Number of monitors tested: 4

    Review of functionality, usage, and quality of image:

    Nothing can ruin an experience more then a bad menu design. This new generation of Gateway monitors continue their excellent touch responsive menu design, fixing some bugs and annoyances as well.

    The menu can be accessed on the right hand side via conductive response buttons that illuminate a soft blue constantly. It is very intuitive with quick access to input source, PIP, and picture settings. There are themes you can create for various situations, or you can use the default themes, such as: game, web, movie, cool, warm, web....

    Fixed bugs: On previous models, you could not select the source if there was no source detected. This has been fixed. You can now select any source without a source available.

    A fantastic feature to have, though you can not do DVI and HDMI at the same time, which is standard across manufacturers such as, you got it, Dell.
    With PiP, you can have the image in either the upper left or right corner with varying sizes and transparency. It is a touch of a button to swap sources as well.

    Video inputs:
    Tested HDMI, Component, composite, DVI and D-Sub.

    First off, there is ZERO lag. This is amazing as many high end monitors have at least some lag, (reading around the web) including Dells budget and HC models which I have experience in.

    Tested systems and software:
    Xbox360 via HDMI / Component, Guitar Hero, DOA4, COD2

    Xbox: via Component, Composite, various arcade and N64 games.

    Video Quality – the real meat and potatoes:
    Note: Please see the topic: construction quality for more information.
    Also: The monitor has not been adjusted for optimal quality via included software.
    And: Monitor has been warming up for 1 hour before tests.
    And: I am not an expert in this area so details may be lacking. I am sorry.

    Black light bleeding:
    There is NO appreciable black light bleed. It maybe a tad more then a Dell HC, but negligible overall when considering a dark source, such as DVD.
    Brightness / Contrast:

    I can differentiate each change in black to white, white to white, but only down to about 3% black to gray.

    This monitor is one of the brightest monitors I have seen. In full daylight sun, everything looks bright, but not washed out.

    Banding is not an issue. Colors are very well defined across a wide range of color ranges.

    Ghosting: Using the above site, I can not get “their” opinion on ghosting as it appears to be an issue with FF2 drawing the moving objects.

    I however, see no ghosting when playing games from any input source as noted above, nor COD4 though the PC DVI input at 60FPS and at full brightness.

    Color accuracy:
    I do not have an external source to test this.

    1:1 Pixel mapping. Works exactly like it should.

    This monitor uses the Faroudja upscaling chip, found on some fantastic dvd players from Oppo and Denon as examples. SD and non 1:1 sources look great!

    Build Quality

    The unit feels very sturdy and doesn't flex when moved. The rotation mechanism feels good, though it could loosen up over time if you use it a lot.

    As said in the beginning, this is the 4th monitor tested. The previous three suffered from horrible back light bleeding, and the 3rd with many dead pixels and a malfunctioning horizontal line. This would most certainly be a make-or-break deal with many people, especially if you are buying on-line.

    I kept up with this monitor not only because at the time, it was a feature leader (new dell 2408 ftw), but because it is $500 which is comparably less then similar offerings.

    Now that I have a fully functional panel, I am exceptionally pleased.
    If you have the time in case you get a bad batch* I recommend this monitor fully.

    Dell's new 2408 has additional features, such as display port, but is $200 more + shipping. I would be my other consideration if not for this monitor.

    Pictures are coming and I hope someone gets some information from this review. If you have any questions though let me know.
  2. photobucket stinks
  3. *UPDATE*

    So after a few months, my new gateway FHD2400 starting bleeding terribly and full screen images/video became washed out even at the lowest brightness levels.


    I had to contact them though chat which wasn't to bad and they sent me a replacement a head of time *credit card required*. However, the monitor was broken and I immediately contacted Gateway then shipped the item back.

    DHL shows Gateway signed and received the monitor, but Gateway refuses to acknowledge they have the monitor and calls me every day (long distance) to tell me they will charge my credit card. Every day I call them back *long distance* and tell them (supervisor and higher) that they signed for my package.

    Now, I can't get replacement monitor because my "previous" issue is still unresolved.


    So I officially can not recommend this monitor period. Gateway will no longer be a brand name in my home.

    Time to pay the extra $100 and get a Dell.
  4. compTIA_Rep

    try a benq g2400
  5. I've been wanting to get this monitor.... now I'm not so sure.

    It looks really nice. I just wish it didn't have the backlight bleeding problems.... then it would be perfect.
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