SATA1 limitation, which SSD should I choose?

I was just about to order a Intel X25-E 32gb for my Dell M1330 laptop because I would like a really fast internal hard-drive and the tomshardware review for that one was very nice.

However I just saw that my m1330 doesn't support SATAII (if I've understood it right it can use a SATAII drive, but it just won't go any faster than the SATA1 limit) so now I'm confused.

I don't want to spend lots of money on the fastest one (x25-e) if I'm not going to get that kind of speed anyway.

So does anyone know what and why I should buy to get as much out of my SATA1 limitation without paying for unnessesary speed?

I know there are some drives like OCZ that has a SATA1 and a SATAII version for sale, but I think that the SATAII is better not just because of the interface but also better harddrive than the older SATA1 so in this case it might be better to buy the SATAII version just to get as much out of SATA1 as possible, or?

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  1. hmm intel x25-e seems to top out at around 2.0gbs, arrgh its too bad I can't boot from esata expresscard then I would get that speed I think.
  2. The sata 1 limit is 150mb/sec, I think. Combined with trivial seek times, you should still do well with the x25-e. x25-m should also do well.
    Other current flash based drives have delays in writing.
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