RE: 'AMD Releases A New HTPC CPU'

RE: AMD Releases A New HTPC CPU

The 65 nm CPU is clocked at 2.5 GHz and integrates the X2's 512 MB L2 cache per core.

I believe it's 512KB rather than MB..I really wish it was the latter :wahoo:
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  1. Does it use the K10 or the K8 core? If its the K8 its a bit pointless.........
  2. Twassss.. already posted:

    AMD's New HTPC chip WOW 512MB of L2 !!!!

    Posted on :
    03-04-2008 at 09:00:54 PM

    :lol:. o O (but they are 2 different links)

    Still think the L2 was a typo X2.
  3. Sorry about that guys.
  4. Is that it..under the huge mound of ice?!

  5. Is that it in the background?!

  6. wtf are you on about??!
  7. Athlon X2 4850E

    Any place that have it in stock?
  8. You really gotta watch it with those mushrooms wild9, the trips don't always take you to funky town.
  9. I don't do drugs, thanks.

    A 512MB L2 cache would be very warm..hint: humour.
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