New Parts for Sub $500 Rebuild: Q6600 or Q9300?

Okay, so I'm planning on replacing a couple of components in my current system next week. I just want to replace my processor (pentium D 805), motherboard, RAM, and Heat Sink/Fan. I have been planning on picking up a Q6600 for quite some time. My current budget is $500.00.

Tiger Direct had a good deal for $399.00:, and I was going to add this heatsink fan to it:

With shipping all parts would be $495.79.

Should I purchase it now, or wait until the Q9300 comes out and see how it prices out, or still wait and see if the Q6600 drops in price when the Q9300 comes out???
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  1. The bundle is good, considering the quad retailing for $260-ish. That cpu fan is no no at that price. This is better:

    If you don't overclock, it's quiet. Even if Q9300 is out, it has less cache than Q6600. And I doubt Tiger would bundle Q9300 with the same board & ram for the same price.
  2. Didn't even see the zerotherm on the site, thanks for the head's up! I want it to run stable overclocked at 3.0GHz for 2 years until my next upgrade. All the pre-order prices for the Q9300 seem to be in the low $300.00 range. I think I might wait until it comes out to see if the Q6600 bundles drop any lower. Seriously, thanks akhilles, I like to help out other people here when I have knowledge on the subject, but it always makes me smile when someone takes time out of their day to give me some advice on an issue.
  3. If you want cpu for gaming performance an E8400 is the best choice. E8400 are much faster than a q6600 for less money. I read some article some website(cant remember where), when Q9300 launches, Q6600 will go down to $212. Q9300 will be clock at 2.6 stock, will be faster, and better overclocker than Q6600 for $267.00
  4. they were saying on XBit somewhere that the high multipliers used on the Q9300 max out the FSB too quick...

    i'd say take the q6600...
  5. Quit with the E8400 already. They are great chips but comparing low resolution scores that exceed the refresh rates is pointless at best. The marginal performance gains are just that and the quads have a lot more potential for more than gaming.

    I would go with price on the quads as the performance is about the same. The Q6300 is a sligthly better performer at the same ghz but the low multiplier (7.5) hurts the max OC. The Q6600 has higher OC potential with high end cooling and it is available now.
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