Which of these psu's is a better choice? Should I get more ram now?

Hey people, how's it going. I'm building a good PC to play old games. It's also a server. I have trouble choosing between two PSU's and also trouble figuring out what kind of ECC memory I want. 1 or 2 gigs. I currently have a k8t master2-far board which will be using two opteron 250's (2.4 ghz) (940 pin), a geforce 6800ultra video card, 4 hard drives, two optical drives, a bunch of stuff in the PCI slots and am using an antec nine hundred gaming case (case uses fice 120 mm fans and one 330mm fan)

The geforce 6800 ultra suggests to use a PSU of at least 500watts. So i found an excellent PC POWER silent 610watt. But I'm not sure if it's enough considering i'll be using two high-end opteron processors and doing some moderate over-clocking. So should I go for the first one to save 60$ and avoid unnecessary clutter or should I go for the PC power 750watt to be assured I have enough power:


Second question is about the ECC ram. I'm going to be buying some ECC ddr400 ram for this thing. But holly hell is it expensive. 1 gig stick for 90-110$ each or 2gig sticks for 189-220$ each. The board suggests buying two sticks at once for dual channel. But... to be honest, i don't need more than 2 gigs for now. I'm going to want to upgrade the ram to the max in a couple years (8gigs total by using 4x2gig sticks). So would it be a better idea to buy 2x1 gig and wait till the prices go down in a couple years? Or will that type of ram disappear from the market before it goes down much lower?
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  1. Dual high end opteron overclocked + 68Ultra?

    I would pick on the 750-watter.
  2. DDR memory isn't likely to get any cheaper being essentially a legacy part now.
  3. DDR has already reached its low, and is now in low stock and thus expensive. DDR2 is probably reaching it's minimum price right now, as well.


    The 6800 Ultra draws 72W, and each Opteron draws 89W (according to spec). Add in ~100W (overkill) for fans, drives, etc. and you get 350. I think a quality 500W PSU would be overkill.
  4. Ok, great, you convinced me with the PSU. The other thing about the PSU is... this is one of the most efficient PSU's today and is much much more efficient than PSU from the times of opterons 940 pins and 6800ultra.

    I do understand where all of you are coming from with the info about DDR400, being they are become rarer and getting more and more expensive... keep in mind this is registerd ECC ram I'm looking at. Do they still not make a bunch of this stuff for companies who own servers?
  5. The PC P&C silencer delivers 49a on the 12v rails. I think it is all you need. You do not have a high powered vga card which is what drives the need for big psu's. Here is a link to the 6800 ultra power issues: http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NjE0
    I do not think the extra cpu or other parts amount to much of the load.

    As to ecc memory, I am clueless.
    If you only need 2gb now, why not get a single stick of 2gb from a known brand. That way you can fill it out to 8gb without removing the 1gb parts. I am assuming that you only have 4 slots.
  6. I am pretty sure that even ECC in the DDR is at the end of line. There might be some manufacturers that still make it for the very reason you described, but it will become more expensive as times goes on.
    Either power supply you have chosen will work just fine. The 610 should be adequate for your needs. In my most recent Maximum PC they built a new computer using the 610 and it was used with a Intel Q6600, 8800GTS 512mb, 750GB HD, and X-Fi gamer sound card.
  7. Hm, yeah see the prob with buying one 2 gig stick is that it doesn't provide me with dual channel. I'll be limiting the capability of the ram.

    So, I gather from what you guys are saying, I should be thinking about sucking it up and buying that 2x2gigs at least right now because it most likely won't get any better. The reasoning does make sense. Man, just thinking about what else I could buy with 440 bucks plus shipping.
    Like a 8800 SlI setup to replace my main computer's 7800gt. lol. Oh well, this is one thing I'll be using for a very large number of years to come.
  8. Found some KVR400D2S4R3K2/2G - 2GB Kit 400MHz DDR2 PC2-3200 Reg ECC DIMM at Amazon.com at below link.

    For $88.55 plus shipping.
  9. Hm, yeah but how can you tell if it'll be compatible with a k8t master2-far or (ms9130) board? ECC memory is only compatibe with certain board. And not only that, this is DDR2, my board takes DDR, this stuff definitely won't fit my board.
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