Computer crashes on right click.

hi. uhm i got alarmed when i right click on an icon sometimes my computer crashes, forcing my to reset it. even when i'll be moving a program.

what could be the problem about this?

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  1. ejcelis said:
    hi. uhm i got alarmed when i right click on an icon sometimes my computer crashes, forcing my to reset it. even when i'll be moving a program.

    what could be the problem about this?


    Go Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer and scroll through the logs for System and Applications to see if anything shows up in red as Error or Warning.
  2. ok, i've seen these:

    red ones: application hang
    yellow: Nero, Avira AntiVir

    how can i fix the red ones? and how bout the yellow ones? should i be alarmed about them?
  3. I would try the restore first, I would try, if possible to go back to before the Avira was installed. If that does not do it, update the anti virus and scan the entire system, if that does not do it, try repair install of operating system.

    Restore does not erase your personal files and is reversible.
    click start
    click all programs
    click accessories
    click system tools
    click system restore
    check the box that says restore my computer to an earlier time, click next
    select a bold date on the calendar, a date before the problem started, click next
    follow through with the restore directions
    restart the computer after it finishes
    if the system restore does not work, select an even earlier bold date on the calendar and repeat the procedure
    try this with at least four earlier dates before giving up and trying something else
  4. so restoring would just revert the current state of my comp into a more previous setting? but still, it retains all my present files?

    ok i can store for like 3 months back and i think my comp was on that "crashing state" during that given date.

    o btw, i saw this xp repair pro. i was planning on DLing it via uTorrent. i was wondering if it works and if it is safe? coz ive seen some reviews that they're mad at the software lol.

    i also saw that reg. cleaners/repair softwares can help me. if ever that was true, what's a good software for that? and can i just DL it on torrent sites? coz almost all of them are paid to be licensed, and without the license, i can't fully utilize it.
  5. restore does not erase your files, but it will take out software changes that may have affected the system, like installing avaira.

    You should look and see how far back the restore options go, it varies.

    Don't ever install software that claims it will fix, repair, speed up or clean your computer. 99% of it is a scam. You are warned!

    The best way to repair an XP computer is with the XP installation disk, use manufacturer supplied resources only. Don't be fooled by scam software downloads.

    The best way to protect a computer is with all in one, subscription, security applications such as Norton 360 or Panda Internet Security. Loading multiple security solutions from the internet often causes conflicts and problems, or a complete system crash and loss of data.

    Back up all your personal files to CD, DVD, online backup service such as Mozy, before trying any repairs. This is most important.

    If Avira and Nero are causing problems, try deleting them after you have backed up your personal files. Do you know how to do this?

    You can re-install Nero later, after the problem is resolved.
  6. ok... now i 'm wondering if my avira and avast was having conflicts coz both of them are installed. should i just remove one of them?
  7. bad idea to install two anti virus programs at the same time. Hope you can take one out. This may be why there are problems happening. do you know how to take one out?
    A.back up your files first
    B. remove one of the anti virus programs
    C. Try to run system restore, back to before the problem started.
    D. If restore does not work, you can do a repair install of XP, using the XP disk. The microsoft disk is the most reliable and safest way to repair the operating system. You don't need anything else besides the disk to repair the system.
    E. If you decide to repair the system, look in Tom's XP forum, fifth post from the top, for directions.
  8. ok i just need a decent Windows XP CD for that matter. but it may take a while before i can buy that. does this error becomes worst if (in any case) it may take a while for me to repair this one?

    and uhm, what are the consequences on having 2 different antivirus?


    i already removed my other anti virus (Avast). and it seems that my comp loads faster than before during the windows start up.
  9. One anti virus can think that the other anti virus is a virus. And as you noticed, it makes the system run very slow. But it can cause multiple problems.

    Back up your personal files as soon as possible, if it gets worse, it could be more difficult to recover your files.

    Try to get windows professional SP3 disk, I have bought one on amazon for about $60. You can do a repair with that version.
  10. uhm if i would be changin my OS? would that be fine? i wanna go for a windows 7. but i dont know how to install that. is there any guide? and if i install a new OS, the files will be deleted? coz i have two partitions. Local C and D.
  11. you can't run XP and 7 on the same drive, it causes all kinds of problems. You may also find that your printer and many other things won't work with 7.
    You are better off using XP for the next 3 years. Wait until 7 has been debugged.
    Yes if you install a new system, your files will be wiped out. That's why you should back up your files before doing anything more.
  12. soundguruman said:
    you can't run XP and 7 on the same drive, it causes all kinds of problems.

    [#0005ff]Have you tried it? I had W7 on a Partition of my main XP drive from the start of Beta testing to the sunset of the RC with no problem. A few years before that, Vista had the same position and I never had any problems with either OS which was sharing that drive.[/#000ff]
  13. ok, then off to XP SP3. i just wanna clear things out. coz ive read on other forums that they are using the other partition for back up. but if i reinstall my OS, the files on my Local D will be wiped out too?
  14. yes they will be wiped. but a repair install or clean install gives you the opportunity to clean everything out, and that's not such a bad ting.
    You can back up the D drive too, use MOZY if you want, the first two GB are free.
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