T2 Linux server install via remote console - help!

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This has been driving me crazy for about a month now. I cannot figure
out how to instal my favourite game on my linux server box. :( I've
tried on 3 seperate occasions, folowing 3 methods I've found. They've
all failed and I'm growing very frustrated. Bought a new server and
trying to rebuld my tribe, and can't do it unless I figure this out!

Server is running RedHat Enterprise 3 ... and I have full root access
via SSH remote console. I orignally had 3 errors, the one I've posted
below and also one for the loki-install and one for the loki uninstal.
I think I got rid of the loki errors by installing the newest
versions (loki_uninstall-1.0.3-x86.run and

Here's the error message I keep getting:

./setup.sh: line 130: 20126 Segmentation fault "$setup" $*
The setup program seems to have failed on x86/glibc-2.1
Please contact Loki Technical Support at support@lokigames.com

Note how the error message taunts me by providing an impossible
solution! ;)
It seems as though the installer is designed to run with an older
glibc than what is installed, or that the glibc that it's trying to
use isn't working on the new OS.

I've done a lot of diggin on the web and in this forum. Found this
error mentioned many times (for this and other games), but the
solution is either incomplete, pertains to a slightly different
problem, or I cannot make sense of it. I'm an occasional linux user,
with general knowledge of how to get around and manage files, etc, but
by no means a guru - which seems to be what's required here. :/

The most up to date info I have found on this issue is found here:
Which is great in that it's spelled out very explicitly. But it's
designed for people who have access to the graphical interface, not
just remote console, and hence does not work in my sitation.

Here's what I want to do:
Setup a single server that can be run by a general user (not SU) -
which means installing to the local home directory.

Here's what I need:
T2 Linux server install for Dummies. <- Written by YOU! lol
I have the (original not release, if that makes a difference) windows
ISO mounted to /mnt/iso/tribes2/
**A series of steps to follow from this point forward, referencing the
required files.**
I'm familar with coniguring and running the server once it's
installed, so I don't need info on that aspect.

Any help you guys and gals could offer would be helpful, but given my
current state of frustration, a complete set of info would be golden!
All I have to offer is my goodwill in return and some free beer if I
bump into you at a lan party somewhere. :) Also, I'm the kind of guy
who is more than wiling ot pass on the info once I have it, so help me
and I'll make sure to do the same! hehe

thanks in advance,

Addendum: Would it be easier to set this up starting from the linux
version, windows re-release CD (with classic etc), or the free
downloadable release? If so, how?

PS. thanks for reading, this post is way too long!
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.games.starsiege.tribes (More info?)

    rippk@sbcglobal.net (PeaceKeeper) wrote in

    > Addendum: Would it be easier to set this up starting from the linux
    > version, windows re-release CD (with classic etc), or the free
    > downloadable release? If so, how?

    Hey, PK!

    I set it up on RH8 with the original Linux CD without too much trouble. I
    don't know how RHE3 compares to the consumer versions. What glibc do you
    have? Do you have any of the compat libraries loaded? You might need one of

    Have you looked in the Loki newsgroup?

  2. Archived from groups: alt.games.starsiege.tribes (More info?)


    1)Find a kind soul who has T2 linux installed+patched and copy their
    entire install to your machine.
    2)Edit server prefs and start server.

    To do anythign else is insane. (seriously)

    I'll clean up the files I received (i.e. remove custom scripts etc)
    and host it somewhere. Maybe prevent some else's headache! lol
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