HDMI switch and Denon AVR-4806 question.

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Hi all,

I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with comparing HD media that is
passed through a HDMI switch box like the Gefen compared to a Denon
AVR-4806? I have two devises, DVD, Cable/DVR box, that have HDMI outputs.
The HDMI looks to be the best video connection on my TV. The Denon 4806 is
pricy and I was thinking of doing a 3806 or similar and a switch box as the
AV receiver will be for video switching and surround channels. The mains go
through a different system.

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  1. The picture quality thru a good HDMI switch should same as the Denon, as HDMI is digital.

    You can also consider using a HDMI switch with Toslink audio switching so you can route the audio to the non-HDMI avr.
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