My Router Suddenly Closed all the Ports I opened - WTF?

Hey guys, I'm having some major problems here. I have ATT U-Verse Internet Service, right? They provided us with a 2-Wire 3800HGV-B Gateway Wireless router, right? Well, I had forwarded a port for Utorret using the instructions I found here: And everything was working great. Now, all of a sudden, my torrents have slowed to about 20kbps, no matter how good the torrent is, and the little yellow triangle/exclamation mark at the bottom of Utorrent is up. I clicked on it, only to find that my port is no longer forwarded.

So I'm like wtf? I'll just go forward it again, right?? noooo. Now all of a sudden, I can't forward anything. To make matters worse, there are alot of devices listed that I didn't add. Check this out:

See this image? The Error at the top is what I get when I try to add a new forwarded definition.

My computer is called speedydren. There used to be only one speedydren, now there are three. wtf?!? I have no idea which one is the real one now. Also notice the Unknown device at the top. See the next picture.

See the error message at the top?? Thats what I get when I try to simply add the same exact port forward definition I added before to speedydren (to be hosted on speedydren). Its the same with the other ports that used to be forwarded for speedydren. They all now say they are hosted by unknown. Problem is, I never attached them to unknown, and when I do bring unknown up on the screen - it shows up as having 0 hosted applications!!!

What in the world is going on here?? Am I under some sort of attack here, or is ATT wanting to block my forwarded frostwire and utorrent ports? Please, Please help me
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  2. I would remove all the settings and start over. Maybe even a factory reset. Check with ATT first so you don't lose your connection. Also make sure that the security is enabled and that no one else is getting on your network.
  3. put a password on your looks like a bunch of random moochers got on your network... look up you mac address by going to control panel/network on support and look at your physical address...thats your only guess is that someone changed there computer name to yours to go undetected and somehow got your port forwards....
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