Power Requirements, 8800 vs 1900XTX

I'm looking to upgrade my video card from an ATI 1900XTX to one of the GeForce 8800 models, there's just one niggling issue I haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer to: Will my PSU be able to handle going to the 8800?

I have a 600W Enermax, so theoretically I should be fine, but I also have three hard drives, two DVD drives and a rather monstrous CPU heatsink/fan. Given that I've already had two PSUs release their magic blue smoke (although the current one has been running without a hitch for nearly a year & a half), I'm hesitant about upgrading to a more power-hungry graphics card.

The problem is, I haven't been able to find a comparison of the two anywhere, which is understandable since they came out more than a year apart, no one's going to be reviewing them head-to-head. And since different sites seem to test the cards differently, since I've found power consumption reports of both cards that have varied up to 80W from one site to another, I'm wondering if there's anywhere I could find power usage tests for both cards that used the same testing criteria.
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  1. I have a enermax 420 watt, and its handled both 1900xt and a 8800gts 320. Im only using 1 HDD and a single optic, but have 3 gigs of ram. Youll be fine, that 600 would handle alot more than that.
  2. You should have no problem at all. I'm running 3 hard drives, E6300 @3.4Ghz and a 3850 512mb (was a 2900Pro) on a Thermaltake TR2 430w.
  3. What is your enermax model? I bet it has 35 amps combined on the 12v rails which can easily power an 8800GTX in a loaded system.

    I think the X1900XTX consumes more than the 8800GTS. The 8800GTX consumes a bit more than the X1950XTX.
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