Plz Help! cant get vista installed after killdisk pro

Hello Tom's hardware peeps,

This is my 2nd posting to a forum and I REALLY hope someone here can help me. Ive been Googling and reading forums for weeks and Im getting nowhere fast and Im desperate for help!

Long story short, (hopefully) I recently discovered our home network had been hacked in to. I read that just formatting your hdd with windows doesnt completely erase all of the data so I used Active@killdisk pro DOD 3 pass to erase the Hdd, all partions, and hp recovery partition. Before I erased anything I called hp and explained to them what I needed to do, and they said they would send me the System Recovery Discs for my pc. So I get the discs and they just refuse to install and i have no idea why... I called hp back and they confirmed the discs they sent me were correct for my system and that i probably had a bad hdd and told me to run a test on it.(Sooo much help!) anyway All tests to hdd, memory, check out fine. Also, My internal hdd is visible in bios.. and my usb cd/dvd seems to be working fine (i tried it on another computer)

So Heres the rundown:

1) I boot from a usb cdrom and its first to boot in bios.

2) It proceeds to "windows is loading files" and runs all the way through.

3) screen goes black with curser blinking in top left corner

4) Microsoft Corp.sign with Green loading bar runs briefly

5) Blue Screen with error: Error 1012. If the Issue continues, please contact HP Support (which i did and they were no help at all because my warranty is long over due)

So here i am... Can someone please help. I do not have the money to buy a new pc and Hp is no help at all.. other then telling me my hdd is bad (when i dont believe it is) and trying to sell me another one of which i cant afford right now either.

Things i've ran and tried :

- D.loaded and burnt Hirens Boot cd 15.1 (from a laptop)

- tried to format/partition using some utilities from hirens cd but cant seem to get them to work correctly. (parted magic, minitool partition, gparted)

- ran WD/data Lifeguard Diag. (Everything passes)

- ran Wd/data Lifeguard Diag. and did Full Erase with Zeros

- ran HDD test v4.20 ( no errors, perfect)

- ran Hard Disk Sentinel dos ( no errors, perfect)

- ran Memtest 86 (no errors, perfect health)

- Unplugged HDD

- Re seated all Ram

- Tried Ram 1 by 1 (in slot closests to CPU)

- Removed CMOS battery

- Reset Bios with jumpers

- Disconnect internal cd rw drive (its broke so i just disconnected)

Im sure theres more I just forgot to write them all down Please if some of you Smart computer peeps can help with any suggestions, etc. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT before I loose my mind!! lol... There has to be a solution.. Its probably something simple and im just too dumb to figure it out.. lol...Im not sure what all info one might need to help me, so Im just going to list everything I can find..

HP sent me Vista Home premium Recovery Discs and a Supplemental Recovery disc.. ??

HP Pavilion Desktop a1700n

Config- AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+

CPU- 2000Mhz

Cache Ram- 512kb X2

Installed Memory- 3072mb/PC2-4200

Bank 1 1024mb/ddr2 sdram

Bank 2 1024mb/ddr2 sdram

Bank 3 512mb/ddr2 sdram

Bank 4 512mb/ddr2 sdram

HDD 250 GB WDC WD2500JS- 60NCB1 Sata (Internal)

Serial # WD-WCANKA846828

BIOS- Phoenix Awardbios cmos

bios revision: 5.07 3/19/07

core version: 6.0

model #: a1700n

product #: RK572AA-ABA

build Id: 71NAv3PrA4

Motherboard- A8M2N-LA (NodusM3)

CD-rom: USB-CDR0M0 Sony DVD RW DRU-840A SS01

Update: I tried installing Os with an internal PATA cd-rom that I borrowed.. now all i get Is a
black screen with a blinking curser in top left corner. :(
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  1. I am just going to venture a guess here, that your USB CD drive you are using is a basic drive not capable of reading extended media format, whereas the internal (non-working) broken drive would have ? !
  2. Hello ksiemb,

    thanks for the reply.. its capable of reading.. i've ran them before. I also hooked up an internal pata cd drive with worse results... this time i only got a black screen with blinking curser in left top corner... someone suggested that i move my hdd to another pc to try to reformat/partition. i have another tower now, but im not sure how to hook it up with the one thats already in there... thanks again
  3. Update:
    I tried yet another internal pata cd/dvd rom in the the crap hp. loaded the hp recovery disc and it actually got me to the "Welcome to the recovery manager" screen. yay!! so i try to click next and the mouse wont click it. so i hit enter and another screen pops up and says "A Supplemental recovery disc is required to continue with the system recovery, to continue, insert the supplemental recovery disc" and pops out the cd. so i then put in the supplemental disc, and the next screen says "factory image recovery" will format your hard drive blah blah.. but it wont let me click on yes or no option.. they highlight if i put the mouse over it but wont click on to select. :( when i hit enter to go to next screen the pc reboots, cdrom spins then goes to a black blank screen with curser in left top corner..ive tried running this over and over with the same result.. sat and waited for blank screen to end but it just stays there!! :(
    Ideas anyone?? this is installation is just ridic!!

  4. You say they sent you a Recovery disk - that, to me, implies that it needs the HP Partition you killed off. Try borrowing a "normal" Vista DVD and change the Product Key after installation.

  5. Thanks for the help... Problem solved :) After reformating/partitioning HDD in another pc with partition manager ,trying yet another pata cd/dvd drive and replacing the mouse and it went thru FINALLY after a few more formats with hp recovery disc!! :)
    What a pain!! thanks again!
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