Problem with LG GGC-H20L Blu-ray / DVD RW combo drive

I'm using this LG Blu-ray drive (SATA) with my Gigabyte E7AUM-DS2H motherboard (with Geforce 9400M chipset).

The problem is that it won't read blu-ray discs! DVD's work fine to watch or rip, etc., but blu-ray discs won't play!

I'm running Widows XP 64 bit. Any blu-ray disc is listed as an empty "CD-ROM" drive or "DVD-RAM" drive. Could it be a problem that my SATA is running in IDE mode? I'd prefer if I don't have to reinstall windows to put it in SATA mode...!

Thanks for any help
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  1. Since DVD read/write works fine I think it is more a DRM gotch-ya than a Writer problem.

    Your GPU is HDMI certified, But is your monitor. Are you using a DVI -> HDMI cable between computer-monitor. Did you run that app to verify system compliance.

    My LG-GGC-H2OL worked fine under Vista32 AFTER I REPLACE my excellent monitor. But still had a problem with XP Pro (alas still 32 bit).

    Took lazy man's approach, installed AnyDVD. I think they have a trial version that you can try. That should indicate if it is a hardware/software problem (ie DRM garbage).
  2. My monitor is DVI, but I was able to watch blu-rays on my old computer. Having a DVI monitor shouldn't make windows unable to recognize the blu-ray, though, should it??

    FYI I'm running Windows XP 64 bit.
  3. Hmm, AnyDVD does recognize the title of the Blu-ray disc. I'm ripping now to see if it will work after ripping. I am highly confused as to why no software will work to just play blu-rays...
  4. Tweaker
    I noted you had 64 bit (reason I stated mine were 32 Bit) Problem not related to 32 bit vs 64 bit - IT'S that DAMM DRM.

    Not sure if your monitor has to have HDMI input, BUT it DOES have to support HDCP.

    Have you run that Cyberlink utility to check your system. Nero also has one.
  5. I don't trust the Cyberlink utility because it said my Radeon HD 4850 wasn't good enough with the newest nVidia drivers, but I'll see what it says about my monitor.
  6. The BD advisor says my monitor isn't HDCP compliant, but I watched blu-rays on the same monitor with my old computer.

    It also thinks I'm running Windows Server 2003, even though I have Windows XP 64 bit SP2...
  7. AnyDVD detected the blu-ray disc properly and was able to rip it. However, when I mount the ISO with Daemon tools, I get the same problem. Windows doesn't detect it as anything but an empty DVD-RAM drive, and PowerDVD won't play it.
  8. Haven't used Daemon tools.

    I ripped a Blu-ray that I bought just to see if I could copy it. Used Nero Ver 9. First copied to a -RE disk whick worked. Then last night I copied it to a -R. Not an iso, just dropped an draged the two folders over. Thried it to night in the set top Blu-ray player and it worked fine. Nero 9 used InCD ver
  9. I don't have a blu-ray burner, just a reader. I can only burn DVD's.

    I'm just saying that I ripped the blu-ray, and still couldn't play it.

    So I'm not sure if it's a weird software problem, or if it didn't rip properly due to the hardware problem.
  10. In reference to playing the ripped files. I've been able to play the files in both Cyberlink's powerDVD (7.3) and using Nero9 showtimes. I click on the "largest" stream file. Newest up date to nero 9 showtimes now wants me to pay $14 for the HD audio plug in.
  11. I could try ripping it as raw files, not an ISO, but I think I have a hardware problem, as Windows doesn't recognize the titles of the blu-ray discs.
  12. Find Thosiba udf 2.5 driver! (thdudf.sys and thdudf.inf files)
    Copy desktop and right click top of inf files and install.
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