3870 glitching in new build on vista business. Driver issues?

Have been trying to build a new pc, everything has gone just dandy till it came time to install the graphic card drivers for a Powercolor HD3870. As soon as I installed the ones that came with the card, and rebooted, the desktop had glitchy black lines running horizontally across the screen in small groups. And if i go into device manager, and display it cannot see my card. So I restarted and loaded into safe mode where everything looks alright, and device manager can see a 3870 sitting there, so unistalled the drivers and catalyst. reboot. Then got the newest drivers and ccc from the ati site (8.2) and tried installing them, then on reboot the screen would just go blank once vista started to load. once again, into safe mode, and all seems well, uninstall the drivers and reboot, and vista starts fine. Any help would be muchly appreciated. Keep in mind I don't have another PC that can support PCI-E to test the card itself in, so I would like to rule out all other options before going down the doa card road. Not sure how it works exactly but to me, the fact that I am getting a clean image out of the card before i install any drivers makes me think the card should be ok. but like i said I don't know for sure that graphics cards are like that.
anway if there is anymore information you need from me just let me know.

Gigabyte X38-DS4
2GB Cruicial ballistix tracer PC8500
Seagate barracuda 160gb
Powercolor HD3870
Vista Business
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  1. What power supply are you using?

    Make sure everything is installed properly hardware wise.
  2. PS is 600watt, called JSP Bluefire2. Bit of a no namer i realise, i think it is made by pccasegear.com. And I have thought that it could be the issue, but it is designed to run crossfire, and i only have one card in so i kinda figured that it should be able to cope fine. And I have tried taking the card out and re seating it, I'm pretty sure it is all in correctly.
  3. Hmm, the PSU is plugged into the GPU right?

    Also, if you have an LCD go into CCC and click the two options to help LCD compatibility and see if that fixes it. I forget what they are called at the moment.

    It might be a PSU problem. Also, try switching the card to another PCI-E slot if there is one.
  4. heh, yeah it is plugged into the gpu, also the extra 12v molex on the mobo for the pci-e cards is plugged in. and so the plot thickens. I put the card in the other slot, cleaned ccc and the drivers right out of there, and started with a clean install in the new slot, install goes fine, as soon as i reboot and the windows logo comes up there is lines and random dots of color and whatnot across the screen. SO i go to open ccc, and poof signal drops out then the computer resets, with no signal to the screen. So I reset again, and signal comes back. starts up fine and once again, once the windows logo shows up, there are the lines again. I have also just noticed something during POST and confirmed in the bios. my 3.0GHZ cpu is running at 2.00ghz. Is this leaning more and more toward my cheapskate PSU?
  5. Could be, but since you can get into your bios, kick that speed up, and check the settings, make sure everything is where it should be in bios and give it another whirl. Some motherboards will underclock stuff purposely, so the novice builder doesnt fry his system with the wrong settings. Also check your ram, pull it all out, use one stick at a time, put it in, fire her up, see what happens. I know ill probably get a ton of responses saying that cant be it, but that was the case with me and my ram, one stick was good, other bad. And i wouldnt rely on memtest.
    when i ran memtest on my comp, both sticks passed, but using the fore mentioned method, if found one stick to be the issue.
  6. just clarifying, cpu speed has changed recently. couldn't say when excactly. but the first couple of times i booted the machine up and went into the bios, the speed was definately 3.0ghz. didn't really pay attention to it after that, it has just only caught my eye now. anyway, I'm going to go try your suggestions and I'll get back to you.
  7. well now the damn thing goes straight to the blue screen after the little loading bar for window. can still get into safe mode tho. I have just noticed something else. on the start up screen where it lists all my devices and what IRQ channel they are on. It seems that USB 1.1 Host Controller and my Display card are on the same channel. Could this cause problems?

    sorry this may be a bit all over the place, I'm doin stuff with it, then coming and writing a bit, then doin s'more. ANYWAY, so now, after uninstalling the drivers in safe mode, viola, the thing boots perfectly again. what the...
    is there a good memory tester out there that you would recommend just to rule it out? and how about psu testers do software ones exist?
  8. I had a similar issue when i upgraded to a 3870 from an x1800. Turned out it was a conflict with an addon firewire card. I removed all add-on cards and started adding them back one by one till i found one that caused the issue.
  9. Another idea, drive cleaner pro, download it, boot in safemode, use it to remove your ati drivers, then try a reinstall, sometimes things just dont like to uninstall everything. Sides that, take that card down to a pc store, have them throw it in a comp and see if it works, or call up a buddy, tell him your on the way, pick up a case of beer to smooth things over, and see if it has the same issues.
  10. Ok, update. I haven't yet had a chance to take the card anywhere to be tested, thats on the cards for tomorrow. But in the meantime I have: Updated BIOS to F2, updated the chipset drivers to latest version, update .net Framework to 3.5 and tried to install CCC 8.1 instead of 8.2 but to no avail. Still every time it gets past the loading bar window, it dumps to blue screen and reboots. YARGH, damned thing. Can someone confirm for me that the fact that the Display Device and USB 1.1 Host Controller are on the same IRQ channel will or will not cause me these kind of issues.

    On a side-note the CPU seems to be running at full speed again.

    To wht1986: I don't actually have any other add-on cards in the computer bar the GPU.

    To Blacksci: Yeah, tried driver cleaner pro to remove every trace and start from scratch, but I'm still getting the same issues.

    Ahh well, tomorrow will hopefully reveal whether my card is fubar'd or not.
    I'm starting to hope it is
  11. Forget Vista and it's DRM crap...XP is faster as well.
    US Federal Courts gave the go ahead yesterday to sue MS over Vista claims...Google it.
  12. Yanno, I have actually been thinking just that. Format the drive start again in XP. Its pretty hard to trouble shoot in an OS you know nothing about.
  13. well took the card into shop today. They tell me the card is fine. So I've caved, I'm just going to take the PC there tomorrow and get them to sort it out. Must be conflicting drivers I'm sure of it.
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