Monitor no input after working fine

Yesterday i installed a new system into my old case,



HD 3850 256mb

OCZ DDR2 2x1gb RAM

OCZ 600w PSU

sorry i cant be a little more specific at the moment.

It all went fairly smoothly. The PC worked, apart from some issues with the onboard Realtek HD audio, after a lot of fiddling around and restarts, the monitor now shows no input.

i cant tell whats going on when i restart (BIOS BEEPS ETC) as i dont know if my internal speaker is plugged in <(noob)

the GFX card has 2 DVI outputs and im using a supplied DVI-VGA adapter for my acer monitor 19" lcd, ive tried both DVI slots and hope to try a new monitor soon. im really hoping i havent inadvertantly fried the GRaphics card or the motherboard.

basically it worked fine for a few hours, then after some tinkering it has no input.

please please help
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  1. Try a different monitor.
    Re-seat the video card.
    Try a different cable and/or DVI/VGA adapter.
  2. Did you reinstall Windows, or at least try a repair install?
  3. i cant do anything like that because the monitor wont show anything.

    it was after a fresh install of windows though.
  4. help, my case (tsunami dream) hasn't got an internal speaker connector, i need to know if my mobo is POSTing how can i do so without an internal speaker 4pin connection?
  5. You can always buy a small speaker for a few dollars at Radio Shack and connect that to the speaker header pins.
    First, try clearing the CMOS according to the instructions in you MB manual.
  6. erm not sure i have aradio shack over here, but i can buy a small 4 pin connector to connect to motherboard? could you maybe link me one?

    cleared cmos last night twice, also with 1 stick of ram in a different channel

    thanks for help

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