Voltage on G0 Q660 stock 1.325 loaded temps upper 60's with AF7Pro?

So I just built my first rig, got everything tied away, and decided to move on to OCing. I have read a ton of material on every website imaginable, but i can't seem to figure out why my G0 has temp readings on the high side. When i do small FFT torture test it touches upper 70 but maintains 60's (blend still lower to mid 60's), however this is stock with no OCing and the voltage is also 1.325 stock which seems a bit high. I have read that the voltage varies, and some say 1.325 is reasonable, but i wonder if this contributes to my temperature gain?

Info that could be relevant:
HSF : Arctic Freezer 7 Pro
Ram: Corsair DDR3 1333mhz PC3 10666
Mobo: Intel DX48BT2 (supports 1600 FSB)
Chip: Q6600 (i would like to get this to 3.0 have no desire for more)
Case: NZXT Tempest

I would like to Overclock to 3.0 but i don't want an unstable system with high temps and it appears that if i OC at all with current temp readings i could be approaching the limit. I also would like to put my RAM to 1333.

The only potential issues i can think of is that the stock voltage may be high enough to produce sketchy temperatures, or perhaps the Heatsink is not perfectly flush against the chip (although it clicked in just fine, maybe its convex/concave). I would just reduce the voltage and see how that works, but since it came stock at 1.325 and this is supposedly within the standard variable range of G0 Q6600's, i don't know if it would cause system instability.

Thanks in advance for any help, if this post seems a bit rambly I apologize I have slept like 9 hours in 3 days learning all this stuff.
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  1. Hey and welcome to the forums. what thermal paste have you put between the freezer and cpu? is the freezer properly seated? gently shake it when it's off and see if it moves.
  2. Houston...we have a problem. Something's up, for sure. I have the GO version mounted on an old Intel P965LT and my proc idles in low 30s, never going above 45*C under load, with the stock cooler (measued by Core Temp and Intel's IDU) at 25*C ambient. My VID is better however, at 1.285, but still your temps shouldn't be more than 5*C higher across the board, especially with the aftermarket cooler you are using. Also, I have a CAG tube on the side panel blowing cool air in via 92mm fan on top of my processor.

    I do know that some of the latest 8 phase MBs do run hotter...maybe this is contributing to the problem, but even with a 1.325 VID, your temps are way too high. What power supply are you using? Could be your PS is overvolting your cpu. What is your ambient temp? Also, you may have a bum chip...it happens, although rare. You've already identified one possible source - i.e., concavity on the cpu heat shield - reseat using just a tad bit more thermal compound to fill in. Could also be caused by a mismatch between your MB and your RAM - is the ram on Intel's approved list? Could be a bum MB - it happens too, but again, rarely. Just a few thoughts...my 2 cents.

    Good luck!
  3. Have you seen any stability problems?
    My voltage on a B3 is 1.28v and my temps are currently in the mid 40's, but my computer room is also warm.
    I have a slight over clock at 2.8GHz, yeah I know why bother.
    Look in bios and make sure your cpu fan control is set properly.
    Also look at your ambient room temp.
    If you need to, go to the arctic silver web site it shows you how to put on the paste.
    If your computer is on the floor against the wall, pull it out a bit. You have a case that provides good air flow, allow air to flow.
    Let us know if we can help you more.
  4. 1) At stock speed you can reduce the voltage and have lower temps
    2) What program are you using for reading temps? Try Core Temp (Very reliable) to make sure the readings are right
    3) Make sure your HSF is propperly installed, since AC7 Pro should cool that CPU much better.
    4) make sure the fan is running at max speed when over 60°C

    Reaching 70°C is the temp of a Q6600 G0 OC to around 3 - 3.2GHz With that cooler.
  5. Venom - HSF comes with paste pre-applied and i believe it's mx-1

    Ejay - Powersupply is a Coolermaster 650w, i don't remember if RAM was approved but it should be as i checked for all that when i was ordering, plus corsair is a very reputable brand

    Bobbknight - i went to texas tech when he coached, so far no stability issues, i haven't set fan in BIOS
    because i assume since its plugged into the CPU fan connector on the mobo, its adjusting as necessary.

    Rojito - but if stock voltage is already 1.325 to begin with, maybe lowering voltage would have a more profound affect on this particular chip since it apparently is meant to be higher than other g0's. I use coretemp for everything and speedfan to double check, they always run about 1:1 despite the posts i've heard of Speedfan being 15 degrees too low, perhaps they fixed this.

    Thanks for the help guys.... Oh and BTW i live in texas and room temp is typically 78-80 Farenheight
  6. My cpu at stock runs at 1.326v but I am able to run it stable anywhere from 2.4ghz to 3.0ghz using 1.26 !

    You need to bring that vcore down in order to have lower temps, you can overclock while under-volting, it's nuts.
  7. i guess a good question to ask to check the voltage concerns would be if lower voltage would really have a significant impact (for me looks like significant = 10-15 degrees)

    Also if i do sort this out, since my RAM reads 1066 but is rated 1333, when i set the FSB to 333 with 9X for 3.0 cpu, do i set my divider to 1:2 to take the 533 it reads in cpu-z up to 1333? (333 FSB X 2 (DDR) = 666 X 2 (divider) = 1332)?
  8. G0 Core Voltage 1.28V, 3.2GHz (8x400), Idle temps 31-33C, Load test temps 54-59C. OCZ Vendetta 2 cooler with AS5 compound. Vista 64, 8GB ADATA DDR2, 1600FSB on EP35-DS3R. Ambient room temp 23C. Previous experience with AFPro 7 indicated it was not up to the task of properly cooling an overclocked Q6600 at 3.2GHz.
  9. ACF7P can only handle Q6600 at 3.2Ghz!MAX on 3Ghz no more then 3.2Ghz!its a physical limitation of the cooler!
  10. SOLAXUN lower the voltage as some of our forum members said and report new temps and cpu OC
  11. so my VID is 1.325, i just set vcore to 1.2875 (lowest my dx48bt2 would let me go in BIOS, wtf?)

    Loaded temps are now 50-53ish. However the voltage didnt appear to make more than a few points difference, what really mattered is that my AF7 pro was only kicking in once the cpu got up to its upper limit (71) per the motherboard's "fan control". I verified this with an intel rep too, this board when set to control cpu fan will not kick in full blast until it gets up that high. So i said screw that, and disabled fan control so it ran at the full 2900 rpm, a bit noisy, but i like the almost 20 degree drop.

    So after all this i tried to up the FSB to 333 multiplier 9x at the low end voltage, didn't post. I tried EVERY VOLTAGE UP TO 1.525, no post! I don't know wtf gives here, i am thinking maybe this is just a crap chip (i must of got one of the few G0's that suck).

    I don't really know what to think, if i flash to the new BIOS i wonder if there would be any change? I would assume if it doesn't post on this one, it won't in the new one? *shrug*. I feel like this board is not very flexible, for an 'enthusiast' board. I chose it for the DDR3 compatability and good FSB clock.

    Guess i'll have to keep it stock, bummer. All i wanted was a stable 3.0 which i thought was COMPLETELY reasonable on a g0 revision q6600, hell thats why i bought this thing.
  12. did you lower the memory multiplier to 1:1?
  13. Well, thats the thing.... i can't find it in the BIOS. The DX48BT2 bios is not real intuitive. It has a screen to manually set the mem speed and timings, but I don't see the divider. I can't get it to post so i can't see if its jacking up the clock on the mem too high, which could be a posibillity since cpu-z reports 1:2 divider
  14. i think it maybe the memory is giving up because of the high clock and divider.sorry mate!bad luck!
  15. I was able to run at 2.7 past posting, but crashed as soon as running any stress tests. I had to tweak FSB, MCH, and Vcore to fairly high levels to even get this far. It sure would help if i could find anyone that has a DX48BT2 successfully overclocked to see what they have their settings at.
  16. solaxun said:
    I was able to run at 2.7 past posting, but crashed as soon as running any stress tests. I had to tweak FSB, MCH, and Vcore to fairly high levels to even get this far. It sure would help if i could find anyone that has a DX48BT2 successfully overclocked to see what they have their settings at.

    Write a new post for that (better chances of someone seeing it). And try at all cost to lower that 1:2 ratio.
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