Missing Hard disk Space.. help!


i bought a couple of new 1tb drive :

initially when i tried to create new volume in Vista > Disk management, it states there are 963868mb allocation. i went ahead to create a volume and format it. when i disk a chkdsk, it detected some error so i let chkdsk correct it.

After that, i went back to delete the volume and attempt to re-create again but this time i only had 963867mb of space left. also, some of my same hard disk has 963869mb ( inconsistency in space despite being the same model)

1. my concern is regarding the missing 1mb, where has it gone? does it mean its marked buy the hard disk as error sector..etc? how do i get the 1mb back?

i\m concerned this is a potential seed for my hard disk spoiling soon..
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  1. ...this is over 1 MB?
    you certain you didn't just misread it the first time?
  2. hi,

    thanks for reply.. very sure i didn't read wrongly..

    its not the 1mb capacity im concerned.. i'm concnered it may be a potential corruption/ bad sector..etc that may kill my hard disk soon
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