think my ram setting are not set right.

I oc'd my q6600 to 3ghz but my questions is what should i have my ram set to? right now the ratio is 2:3 and the ram is running at 500 mhz. What I don't understand is i thought the ram was 800mhz ram. Also the timings right now are 5-7-7-19-29 and that seems like some bad timings to me.
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  1. What memory and motherboard do you have?Did you try setting up your memory speed and timings in the bios?And what is your memory rated to run at.
  2. 500 mhz FSB is 1000mhz for the RAM which is over your standard 800mhz

    is it 5-5-5-15 the standard timing or 4-4-4-12??

    if 4-4-4-12 you may want to try 5-5-5-15 and check if stable, if not stable, keep your timing like that, not sure if you'll be able to get better
  3. motherboard


    is the 2: 3 ratio good to have or should i set it to 1:1?

    here is a screen shot of the ram from cpu z the last timing is 12 and i guess I should change that to 15
  4. If your rig is stable then your ok.Thats a pretty good O/C on that memory.Its running 200mhz over spec.(1000mhz) You should run memtest just to make sure.
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