CAN'T sign into Windows XP account ?!?!?!?!?

Okay, so i wanted to skip the Login screen on my Windows XP computer and login to my account automatically, so my computer would boot faster. I used this ( ) guide. So, i went to Start > Run > I entered in "control userpasswords2" and hit "OK" > I unchecked the box which states "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer" and applied the setting > The computer then requested the username and password of the account I wished to automatically login. This is where I think I messed up. By default, the username box is filled in with "Administrator" and since I am the administrator I did not change the username to "Ben" (which is what my accounts name is) and I left the username box filled with "Administrator". Also, I left the password blank (this is because I have no password).

Now when I try to start up my computer I am stuck on the blue screen stating "Starting Up" and I never get to my desktop.

How do I fix this (meaning, how do I change this setting back)? Can I boot my computer into safe mode and then change the setting back, or is there an easier way to fix this?

Thanks for the help,
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  1. You can try holding down F8 while starting the computer, to get you to a safe mode startup, but that is still going to ask for the password.

    You can unplug the computer from power, open the computer, take out the battery, short the battery terminals for 10 seconds, replace the battery, try logging in because that is supposed to clear the password entirely. (this clears the CMOS settings)

    When the password window comes up, just hit enter, type no password.

    Next time, just go to my computer, control panel, users and passwords, and shut off the passwords.

    Then again... you may have to do a repair install of XP. this does not erase the personal files, do not reformat, do not delete the partitions.
    See Tom's XP forum, the fifth post from the top, for directions.

    The fact that you are stuck on a blue screen makes me think a repair install is in order.
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