What's the difference between SSD and Normal?


I've been looking at one SSD and I'm thinking about buying it. But, I know that according to a lot of tests and what so ever SSD is way faster, but will there be any real difference when loading windows and stuff?

I've been looking at this.

Any of you guys got experience with that disk? Is it any good?
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  1. Loading Windows, programs, games etc is where you are going to see the difference between an SSD and a conventional hard drive the most.


    This is a review on the OCZ Apex, but the specific page is of Windows XP load times with conventional HDs on the chart for reference. The rest of the article (before and after) is also very informative.

    The SSD you linked would be a good one. right now, you want to get either an OCZ Vertex or Apex, or the Intel X25-M.

    All three of those are in the article I linked, so you can compare the three performance wise and then check prices to see which would be best for you.
  2. i wouldnt bother with a SSD drive atm as there so expensive a 240gb ssd drive can cost around the same price as a new computer
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