Shell32.dll is changed to sxell32.dll

i have shell32.dll problems.
After my pc (used winxp ) has been attacked by virus (mgy.exe),
there was changed shell32.dll to sxell32.dll.
And , all applications are empty in start menu > Programs.
And , all icons are changed.
All my data lost in drive D: and E:
There was name.exe file ( eg. photo1 is my file name, it changed photo1.exe,
photo1.exe.exe, photo1.exe.exe.exe, photo1.exe.exe.exe.exe, photo1.exe.exe.exe.exe.exe, photo1.exe.exe.exe.exe.exe.exe ) with 15.6 MB size of each files.
how can i do this problems and can i get my data file.
plz help me.
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  1. As much as I dislike Symantec, once in awhile they come out with some rather good advice.
    Their advice for anyone that actually takes a beating from a virus is to re-install Windows from scratch.
    Your system sounds like it got more than beat-up, it got nuked.

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