q6600 overclock 87C with prime95

Hey guys!

I have a q6600 G0 overclock to 3,2GHz 8x400 and I am getting high temperatures 60C idle, 87C with prime95 after 1 hour, and around 75C in a heavy game. I have Voltage to auto. I can not change the cpu cooler (ZALMAN CNPS8700 LED) because is difficult to find cpu cooler with height less than 7cm(because of case limitation). And I have room temperatures around 33C. If I clock the cpu to 3GHz there is only 3C less than 3,2GHz.
How I am going to get better temperatures????
Maybe if I use a good thermal paste?

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.2GHz FSB 1600
CPU Cooler: ZALMAN CNPS8700 LED (2600 rpm)
Motherboard: ASUS P5K-VM
RAM: Corsair DDR2-800MHz 4GB
Vega card: NVIDIA Geforce 8800GTS 512MB (overclock)750/2080
Hard Drive: Samsung SpinPoint T166 HD501LJ 500GB
Power Supplie: Corsair 620W HX Series
Case: Apevia X-Qpack 2
Operating system: Windows VISTA Home Premium 64bit
3DMark06 14600 3DMarks
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  1. A review of that case shows an x2 5400+ having heat issues at stock speeds, certainly that is a lot of heat in such a small space. Short of getting a new case (then your choice of heatpipe cooler), get a bigger better faster stronger rear 120mm fan if one will fit.

    Looking at the case, i imagine you got the one with the windows on both sides? optimally you would add a fan right in the middle of the window, so how are you at modding?
  2. You're running a quad core with a crappy cpu cooler in a small case with poor ventilation. What do you expect? Best thing you can do is run the q6600 at stock speed and undervolt it. That will lower the heat. Otherwise, get a better case and cpu cooler.
  3. Yeah I would get arctic silver 5 and use some type of alcochol to take old thermal paste out.....I have my q6600 at 3.4 and it tops no more than 52c (idles 38) Also why wont you run it at 9x multiplier? That way the fsb to achieve the 3.2ghz will be lower and you could lower the v core.......I'm a big noob when it comes to ocing since I have this system for second week but yeah I reseated my cpu cooler 3 times until I was happy with temps. What I did is apply really thin coat or arctic silver 5 and spread it with some gift card, did same for the heatsink and when I screwed the heatsink I screwed the opposite screws so the pressure will be equal.
  4. The room temperature is 33C? That's like 91F!
  5. listen there is no other thing you can do!as someone has said before.you dont even fulfil the criteria for OC!

    Good CPU cooling,good ventilation.

    Alvine when you lower the FSB and use a higher multiplier you cant lower Vcore,vcore is dependant on CPU clock speed not FSB.
  6. Why to run it at stock speed I have this system with this temps for 7 months. I do not wont to get low performance gust because of high temperatures. And I can not get a bigger case because I travelling frequently with aeroplane and I take with me the pc (I do not wont to have a laptop because I am a gamer).

    Of course when I am in a different country I have room temperature 20C I get 74C with prime95 witch is ok.
  7. 74C is not ok mate!get real!
  8. I thing that if you have 80C or less in prime95 you are fine.
  9. no who told you that?if you start a thread with a title "I thing that if you have 80C or less in prime95 you are fine. "

    i can bet you it will get fill up so so quickly saying 70C max is fine.

    65C is best for OC 100% load and 70C is the limit you should stop going further in speed and vcore.
  10. i am runing the cpu at 87C with prime95 for more than 7 months and nothing is happened so why you thing that 70C is the limit.
  11. alright fine!

    everyone! stay away from this thread he totally disagree with the fact the safe limit should be 70C.
  12. No I am not disagree I am saying what point to run the cpu at 70C if you can run with no problems at 80C.
  13. because that will significantly shorten the life of your processor
  14. Ok I understand but how many year/months my processor will live? It is wroth to step elite down to 3GHz ?
  15. by the time the cpu actually dies from the higher speeds you will buy something else unless you be running it for 5 years lol
  16. 3 GHz, 333x9 is a nice round number. If you do any encoding, or multithreaded applications regularly, take it down to stock because you will overheat. Seriously though, your next upgrade before you spend any more money is just to move to a larger case to open things up, you can get a cheap one without power supply for 25 bucks, less if you don't mind fixing a little rattle here and there. If you were in the seattle area, i'd give you 2 for free that i have lying around.
  17. First off That is HOT! Get some decent HS paste and reseat that processor. You might also consider tempararely removing the case side, or modding it with a 120mm fan as suggested.
    Second it may be helped by manually setting your overclock. Leaving voltages to auto, and overclocking an Asus board will give you almost certainly excessivly high voltages. Check your voltages in bios under hardware monitor, I bet that it is 1.40 or higher. Start your overclock with manual voltage of 1.25 gradually raising FSB while testing with Prime 95 using small FFTs till you get errors. Now raise your voltage a little by .05 volt or as close to these increments as you have. Have fun I bet you can get stable with lower than what auto voltages give you with lowered temps as a result. Remember auto is not your friend with Asus Overclocking. http://img.tomshardware.com/forum/uk/icones/smilies/non.gif
  18. Removing the case side i only I get 5C less so case ventilation is not so bad. I have 2 fans 8cm(rpm 2800) in font and 1 fan 12cm(rpm 2800) at the back (and the Power Supplie fan 12cm).

    I try to manually set the voltage from 1.25 up to 1.31 and I am get fail in Prime95 after 10sce. So I left it to auto voltage.
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