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ok Ive looked all over and cant find what im looking for. on this asus board can I run two wd 150 raptor in raid 0, and two wd 1tb in raid1. I want to be able to have my os and programs in raid 0, but have my vid and pic on the raid one so I wont lose anything that is importing to me. Thanks for any help on this.
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  1. Yes. The Southbridge is the Intel ICH10R I/O controller hub,
    with Intel Matrix Storage Technology:



    6 x SATA 3 Gb/s ports
    Intel Matrix Storage Technology Support RAID

    Easy as pie; piece o' cake.

  2. Ok, so I just wanted to ask some questions because I`m having a lot of problems with my new PC :cry:

    My configuration is:
    Intel Core I7 920 2.66Ghz 1366
    Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Socket 1366
    Mushkin Radioactive XP3-12800 DDR3 1600 6GB 3x2GB CL7
    2x Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA2 (RAID0)
    PSU Corsair TX850 850W
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 275 896MB GDDR3
    Samsung P2370 23" Full HD DVI

    First problem is with my raid0 configuration..
    I have 2 WD 1TB each, and I had to format my drives twice because my raid failed.. why did it fail? i think that because I restarted the pc too many times... WHY? because on the wellcome screen,when you enter windows, my display is failling, i mean i see a black screen and then my screen shuts down so if i restart sometimes it dosen`t happen.. if anybody know why this is happening please let me know :)
    So back to the problem i have with my raid..
    Now i`m on my third format (i`m thinkin about leave it the way it is, i mean with errors) and i don`t know if i should delete the raid and create it again or just stick with the raid0 with errors.
    The thing is that when i start the pc and checks the hdd it sais raid0-drive0 "normal"-drive1 "found (0) errors" but in windows the error dosen`t appear for my raid. I mean the last time it broke when i enter windows it was telling me that the raid is failling and that some data cannot be read/written.

    I don`t know what to do anymore.. i just hope someone can help me with the raid problem please :cry:
  3. If you have "reformatted" your RAID array a couple of times, I'm guessing either you have a way to back up all its data, or you can afford to lose it all. But I also think that so much trouble indicates a questionable piece of hardware that needs fixing so the problems will stop.

    My suggestion is you back up everything if you want to save it, then tackle the troubled hardware, and ultimately plan to re-establish your RAID0 with a clean install of the Operating System, then restore its data if necessary.

    IF your machine is still working well enough, go to the WD website and download their free diagnostic utility package, WD Data Lifegard. Choose the one that allows you to burn a bootable CD that you can run from. You run this downloaded software to burn the CD or DVD. Then you boot from that optical disk - it will actually install a mini-DOS operating system to run the test utilities completely independent of Windows or your hard drives.

    If your machine can't manage that task, you may have to use a friend's computer for the download and burn operations to make this bootable optical disk.

    Once the backup is done (if you do it), use the RAID Management utilities built into your BIOS (I think you hit CTRL-I during the boot process) to break up the RAID array so it is just two individual HDD units with old junk data on them. Then put in the diagnostics optical disk and boot from it. Run all the tests on each of the two WD drives individually, noting down any errors it shows you. Some it might actually fix for you. Some may not be fixable. If you need help deciding what to do about that, call WD Tech Support. If you find disk problems you think should be covered under the warranty on the HDD, no doubt WD's Tech Support people will require that you use these tests and tell them the results, anyway, before they will consider a warranty settlement.

    Don't forget to look for silly simple things like loose cables connections.

    I would hope that this diagnostic process will show you where the hardware problems are (if there are any) and you can fix them. Once you have two good hard drives working, re-do the process of establishing the RAID0 system. Make sure the BIOS is set to use your SATA drives in RAID mode. Then use the RAID Management system (CTRL-I ?) at boot time to assign the two drives to a RAID0 array, set its configuration, and create the array. Then it is time to re-install your Operating system, remembering that you will need to install RAID drivers from a floppy disk (required in Win XP) or a USB drive (option available in Vista or Win 7) early on (use F6 during Install) so that the RAID array can be used by Windows for booting. When you have it running again under Windows booting from the RAID array, restore any backed up data.
  4. So...
    about the backup , i have another 1.5tb hdd so it`s not a problem :)
    i think i didnt explain myself right :P (i apologize for my bad english)
    my raid is working , i mean the problem is (i dont know if its a problem) that before i boot up windows (when the cntrl+i prompts) it sais:
    Raid Volumes "Volume 0 - Raid0(Stripe) - 128kb - 2TB (the two hdd in raid) - (status) HEALTHY (written in green) - (Bootable) YES"
    Physical Disks: "Port 0 - (Type/Status Vol ID) Member Disk 0 (written in green), Port 1 - (Type/Status Vol ID) Member Disk 1 Has encouter (0) errors (written in red)
    Ok, so that is my problem.. i still can use my pc without any problem but i am just scarred because i think that it will fail me one day because of that "Member Disk 1 Has encouter (0) errors" that is written in red. I just want to know if i can relax about this problem, i mean i need to know if it will fail , if it will work slower and things like that :)

    Thank you VERY MUCH for answering this forum really is my nr1!! :)
  5. OK, now I understand better, and I share your puzzlement and your worry. The RAID control system says there is no problem, and the system is working fine. On the other hand there is a separate hardware message in red saying that one disk has zero errors. What a strange message!

    My guess is that you do NOT have a problem. If you want to check it, I suggest this route, which should NOT cause trouble. HOWEVER, I'm cautious enough that, before ANY work with the hard drive, I would make a full backup JUST IN CASE you need to restore later.

    Get the WD Data Lifegard tools software I mentioned and make the bootable optical diagnostics disk. Run from it and do all the tests on each hard disk separately. You should NOT have to break up the RAID0 array to do this - the Data Lifegard tools do not care anything about the types of data and structures on the disk, so they don't care about RAID. Do NOT have it automatically repair anything. That way it will tell you if it finds any hardware issues at all, but it will not write anything and disturb your data. My hope is that it will confirm that there are no hardware problems on either disk, which will lessen your concerns.

    As to why it gives you a red flag message to say it has no errors, I don't know. Maybe the BIOS writers goofed, or maybe they were trying to make messages from two different HDD units easy to tell apart.
  6. Hi! I'm looking to buy a similar kit (P6T Deluxe V2 and i7-920). I've been reading forums all day and the initial post reminded me of this, I'm not a tech guy so I don't know if it will help... anyway. That comes from asus:

    "*Due to the Windows XP/ Vista limitation, the RAID array with the total capacity over 2TB cannot be set as a boot disk. A RAID array over 2TB can only be set as a data disk only. For more information, please refer to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946557/en-us "

    that comes from:

    I didn't check what OS you were using... anyway, your problem is frustrating and I hope you will resolve it and that I won't encounter the same....

    Good luck
  7. P.S. With those RAM sticks, you should consider overclocking your system, if not already done. But!!! Do it safely!!! Careful with the voltage +- 0.5V rules... If you're not familiar -like me- with overclocking, read a lot on that topic before doing it. I just thought I should tell you this, even if I'm sure this is already done...
  8. P.S. With those RAM sticks, you should consider overclocking your system, if not already done. But!!! :non: Do it safely!!! Careful with the voltage +- 0.5V rules... If you're not familiar -like me- with overclocking, read a lot on that topic before doing it. I just thought I should tell you this, even if I'm sure this is already done...
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