30" monitor for gaming?

Hi all,

could any users of a 30" monitor tell me what they think about of gaming on it?

I'm wondering if 30" is too big, I mean aren't you sitting to close to see all te action?

Thanks for any advice...
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  1. Hello, I'm interested in replies to this thread also...I'm considering purchasing a 30" Dell. This decision bleeds over into what video cards you need as the native resolution requires massive GPU power...think at least an 8800 Ultra, but a much better solution is probably 8800 GTs/GTSes SLIed.
  2. I run the Dell 24" for everything, including gaming and I will admit that for a while after I had it set up, I found myself turning my head from side to side to take in all the game action. Eventually I somehow trained myself to sense / see all the screen at once when gaming but I think I did back off a bit and now sit at a greater distance from the screen. So I am guessing that with 30 inches of monitor, the problem would be even more severe ... possibly really troublesome.

    Note that Dell makes two levels of 30 inch monitor. One under $500 ... most of the time. It is not all that well rated for sharpness of text and other characteristics that most would find important.

    The other 30 inch monitor they sell is from the UltraSharp series and is in the $1,000 or more price range unless on a huge sale. The Ultrasharp would be the only 30" Dell monitor I would consider as I hate sitting at a fuzzy screen.

    The review of the cheaper 30" Dell said if you connect with one, it will scale down to a lower screen resolution and actually managed to do so surprisingly well. But to run at full resolution, both 30" Dells require two video cables from two outlets on the video card ..

    If you make the jump, please do come back and tell us all which of the Dell 30" offerings you bought, how you have it hooked up and to what card and report on how you like it.
  3. Check out the Samsung 305T, it's getting excellent reviews.

    The video card you need for playing at 2560x1600 depends on the games and settings. A single 8800GTX can still do pretty well, in general. A single 3870X2 beats it in some games.

    SLI and Crossfire help a lot in some games, but not all. They also come with increased cost (a second card, a more expensive case/PSU/mobo) and increased noise and electricity bills. Avoid them if you can.
  4. aevm said:
    Check out the Samsung 305T, it's getting excellent reviews.

    This review puts the 3007WFP-HC above the Samsung 305T (http://www.behardware.com/articles/661-9/the-new-30-inch-monitors-dell-and-samsung.html)...both are very expensive monitors. The 3008WFP I cannot recommend unless basically money is no object. That baby ranks in at about TWICE the price of a 2007WFP-HC! Rediculous.
  5. Hmmm PCWorld rates the two monitors damn near identical with the Dell (http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,131101/article.html) one point behind the Samsung (http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,131100-page,1/article.html)...not sure exactly what the point is for, but they seem pretty damn close...maybe go with the cheaper of the two.
  6. I have been playing on a 37 inch viewsonic widescreen for 1.1/2 years.And i have to say i love it cant go back it's just tooo bad.You have to do alittel tweaking but it is well worth it trust me ill never go back now! I set 4 feet from it and never get eyestrian. Play for hour's nooo prob! Trust me you will love it and never go back. And also i never see ghosting i paly ut3,call of dudy4.all new games.I got the 8ms VIEWSONIC 37 INCHER N3760W. P.S Ranked 100 in ut3 -wild-12pk . HPE THIS HELPS YA BRO ITS WORTH IT TRUST ME..
  7. Thanks for the input KDA.

    I was afraid of the same thing... I tried sitting as close to my TV (32") as I do with my current 17" monitor and I had a feeling I would miss all that's going on on the edge of the screen in fast action games.

    I guess I'll go for a 24" then.
    What do you guys think of the new Dell 2408wfp?
    Or the much cheaper (2ms) Iilyama ProLite B2403WS-1.

    I could not find any Dell reviews yet, the other one seems good value but not as good as more expensive 24" monitors.

    Is it true that Dell gives you a new monitor even with one bad pixel on their ultrasharp TFT's? That would be an advantage. This one allso has cardreaders and a DisplayPort for the future.
  8. Then again a 30" seems sooo nice... I can't decide :-(
  9. I've been using the HP LP3065 for almost a year now - it's basically a Philips LG panel, but I can tell you, it's probably the best monitor I've ever had or seen.

    Regarding gaming - at 2560x1600, and depending on the game, you are going to have mixed results.

    Older games like Q3 and mods based on it, perform very well, I get more than 90fps on ET: TCE

    Newer games are a different story though - even though I have a GTX (don;t recommend a smaller card - and make sure your card has 2xdigital DVI-out - the 30" monitor requires BOTH inputs for 2560x1600 res), I cannot play STALKER at anything above 1920x1080 ( ok, but who can?? ;).

    The HP can scale pretty well, when I play games at 1600x1050 or one of the other widescreen formats, I don;t see any weird softness or patterning.

    The problem with this size is not so much the FPS IMHO, but especially for FPS games, you are going to find it more difficult to play if you sit the same distance from your monitor, coz you actually have to move your head to scan the scene.

    For that simple reason, I bought a "normal" 22" monitor for my gaming rig, and only play on that one now - keeping my 30" rig for work ( it's a HUGE bonus if you do stuff like web development, where you can have DW and PS open nrxt to each other ).

    But I found the 1600 vertical resolution is actually much bigger boon than being able to have 2x1280 screens bnext to each other - so much more of your code on the screen...

    If you have the bucks, any of the NEW 30" monitors will blow you away - but please make sure it's one of the newer ones - the new panels can show something like 92% of the sRGB gamut, while older models can only manage something like 70% - the color vibrancy difference is very visible...
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