How to format SSD? Use killdisk?

Hello to all,
I have the (POS) OCZ SSD CORE 64GB. I had some broken pins on my 775 board, and got a replacement board with which the SSD didn't load. I need to clean it and was wondering what I can use because I'm trading this for a GTX260, it needs to be CLEAN ..
Anyways was considering using active killdisk, just not sure. I want something I can load in DOS and run with exe. Something simple (keyword!)
Any help appreciated..
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  1. Easy thing to do would be to load the Windows setup, and just delete the partition on the drive. I guess killdisk will do the same, or even if you can get "Hiren's Boot CD", that has a couple programs on it as well. Either that or you can format the drive via windows in disk management. If that's not the drive windows is on. Keep in mind that doing something like mentioned will NOT completely erase the disk, You would need a program that does several passes over the disk to do so. The best example I can think of is "DSX" or CBL, these programs would do several passes.
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