New build freezes on reset (software and manual)

This is the new build I just finished:

Asus P5K Motherboard
Intel Core2 Q6600 Quad Core (GO) CPU
OCZ NVIDIA SLI Ready XTC PC2-8500 4GB 4X1GB DDR2-1066 CL5-5-5-15
Asus EN8600GT SILENT/HTDP/256M PCI-E Video Card
VisionQuest VQL-22WSHD LCD Monitor
Antec 4480B Case w/ (Added) Antec TP3-550 PSU
Logitech G11 Keyboard
Logitech MX518 Optical Mouse
Logitech QuickCam Fusion Web Camera
2x Western Digital 500G SATA2 HDD
1x Western Digital 750G SATA2 HDD
LG 18x SuperMulti SATA2 DVD Writer
Visiontek TV Wonder 650 Theater PCI-E TV Tuner Card
OCZ OCZUSBATV4G Atv Dual Channel Flash Memory Drive 4GB USB2.0
1.44M 3.5" Floppy
NmediaPC CR98 5.25" Internal Media Bay with Flash Card Reader
ASUS 9PIN Serial Port Header for Internal Motherboard COM2 Connector
Logitech X-530 Surround Speakers

StarTech FANDRIVEBK Plastic 5.25" Drive Bay Hard Drive Cooler
2x Startech FAN8X25TX3L 8cm Case Fan
Corsair Dominator Airflow Memory Fan

MS Windows Vista Ultimate x64

Manually set the voltage and timings for the memory, and most settings are on auto at this time (having not yet OC'd the system).

The problem is this: everytime the Restart is used (usually software activated, either by installation software or manually selecting Restart in Windows), the computer freezes. The boot sequence starts OK, but then freezes just as Windows is starting to load.

If I do a complete shutdown, then restart, everything starts up and loads normally. Note if the system goes to sleep or hibernates, simply moving the mouse will properly wake it.

Is this an error with the Vista installation or a hardware setting issue? I thought of upping the CPU voltage to try, but am not sure what the correct voltage is or should be (Asus Probe says it is running 1.2 volts - 1.18... 1.19 ..etc), but that is not under load, and the Bios setting is currently set to Auto. Not even sure if that would correct the issue.

Please, thoughts and suggestions are welcome?...
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  1. You have alot of stuff drawing power from a 550 watt PSU. I would start by getting a more powerful PSU.
  2. You'll probably need a PSU over 600W. Go for a OCZ GameXstream 700W just to be sure because all of that stuff you have is draining alot of power.
  3. I was considering a PSU of 750W before I OC this built, but I want one that is much quieter than this current one from Antec. I looked up the core voltage on the Intel site (1.25) and manually set it in the bios. That seems to be the answer to not booting completely on Reset.
  4. You won't have enough juice to OC that system with your current PSU. If you don't mind me asking how much did that setup cost you like over $2000.
  5. The build cost app $2900, and I started it last November, buying parts each month.
    The power calculators say I should be using under 500W currently, enough to run it safely with the current PSU. But from what I have read, yes, a heavier PSU will be needed to OC. (OCing will be something new for me... should be a fun experience to compare performance with the current speed).
  6. OCing for the first time could be a little scary but once you succeed, it feels great. Of coarse you gotta have the right parts for a good OC to be successful.
  7. I am currently looking at the OCZ ModXStream 900W Power Supply as an upgrade. I would hope the hardware I have selected will allow me to OC with very few problems (other than discovering what settings will work most efficiently).
    I am using the stock HS on the CPU w/ an 80mm fan in the airflow guide for additional cooling of the CPU. At current settings, it is running at 38C temp.
    The OC software listed by Graysky in the OC manual, found on this site, does not seem to function under the x64 environment, so this experience will be a trial and error method (low voltages working up to a stable voltage environment).
    I asked Asus what the max. speed should be for their vid card, as I wish to manuall set it for performance (and to prevent the OCing from upping it beyond safety limits). Thier response was to leave it at Auto. That concerns me but, there is an Nvidia OC software program out there that may give me what I want.
  8. 900W is way too much. A 700W PSU will do just fine no need to spend more if you're really not going to use it to the max. But I guess you could never have enough by looking at you're killer setting.
  9. Fans, for the love of the gods, you need to cool that setup, dude, that is a ton of hardware and software hooked up to your comp, lmao. And next time remember, if your power calculator says your only using 500, and you have a 550 watt, its only gauranteed at 80% of that stated rating, keep this in mind next time, always go a little overkill, but not too much, ie. 900 watt ps is just rediculous for that build, i would suggest 650 to 700 as suggested by CmdPT.
  10. What about the OCZ ModXStream 780W psu? This one I also have been thinking seriously on on as it is moduler.
  11. Modular is good, and trust me, youll love it, cuz it does away with alot of the clutter
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