Im very very frustrated...!!!

Hi Guys!I have recently bought an ASUS Striker Extreme mobo.My problem is that I have a hard time trying to install Vista on it. I usually managed (finally...) to pass the 1st phase of the installation process (Copying&Expanding files,Intalling updates&features...)BUT after the first restart my computer slows down like hell, it reads my hard disk very slowly and sooner or later the install freezes...I removed all my RAMS from the mobo leaving only one 1GB Corsair stick in it in the 3rd or 4th memory slot... I even loaded at the beginning of the install the Sata driver for the 680i included in the latest nforce driver package. (15.08)

Yesterday I tried to reinstall Windows XPSP2. All my tries were corrupt...I have never had so many error messages during XP installation telling me that "this or that file is missing or became corrupted...".

I'm very frustrated now because literally i can't use my new computer... I can't install Win XP or Vista on it. I'm having a very hard time with this Nvidia 680i chipset...

If any of you guys have the same Mobo and can tell me any tips on how to install Vista or XP i would be very grateful!!!

I have RMAd the first StrikerEx mobo, had the same problems with this second one... AAARRGGGHHH!!!

By the way my system specs. are the following:

ASUS Extreme(ly) Sucker mobo
2*1GB or 2*2GB Corsair TwinX 800Mhz
ASUS EN8800 Ultra
Creative SB Xfi Xtreme Gamer
FSP BlueStorm 800W PSU
500GB WesternDigital 7200rpm Sata2
Plextor 716A (IDE) DVD-RAM
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  1. Hi MrsBytch! I use this RAM : CORSAIR TwinX 2048Mb DDR2 800Mhz DHX CL4 KIT (4-4-4-12 runs on 5-5-5-18), I don't know the factory voltage of the ram it is set to AUTO in Bios(maybe 2.1V??), I also format the harddisk with Vista where you have the option to load drivers/new/format. So far i noticed two things : when i create/manage partitions with the old fdisk program,at the "verifying drive integrity" section it always jumps back to 0% from etc 22% which is pretty strange... The second thing i have noticed is if i use only one single 1GB RAM the freezing occurs after the first restart sooner or later...
  2. What the...??
    How many posts have you made already about this?! I've seen 4 of them so far!
    STOP SERIAL POSTING! It is not going to get you any more replies than you'll get in one thread.

    Check out one of your other threads. I replied in the first one I saw.
  3. or google striker extreme problems with striker extreme.
    and variations on that
  4. I have already googled at it 1000 times... Maybe my DVD-RAM or PSU is bad? I have FPS BLUESTORM II 800W PSU...
  5. Sounds like you might have installed raid drivers and your not running a raid setup. Make sure your running in IDE mode with Raid and ACHI off. Dont install the raid drivers just format and move on.
  6. Roadrunner! I didn't install the raid drivers... I use SATA mode...
  7. You need to use IDE mode if you want to progress any further. You dont need a driver to use SATA drives in Vista. Your system is confused. It probably is trying to run RAID with a single drive. Boot from DVD using IDE mode and dont install any drivers. Just format and Install Windows.
  8. Allright... First of all I have two KITS of Corsair RAMS:
    1. CORSAIR TwinX 2048Mb DDR2 800Mhz DHX CL4 KIT 2.1 Volts
    2. CORSAIR TwinX 4096Mb DDR2 800Mhz DHX CL5 KIT 1.8 Volts

    I don't mix them, I use either the 2GB kit OR the 4GB kit.
    At the moment I have one dimm of the 2GB kit inserted manually set to factory voltage (2.1V)...

    I dont have freezes during VISTA installation, but after the first restart my HDD slows down dramatically, cracklig... and the whole installation becomes really slow... Maybe SATA driver issue? I know the HDD is good.

    Mrsbytch, I don't think it is connected to ram...
  9. did you say cracking hardrive? have you checked your drive for errors? If not, try to DISABLE NATIVE SATA SUPPORT before installing windows.
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