SATA drive supports UDMA Mode 7 but only runs in Mode 5

I have a PC with a Gigabyte EP43-DS3L motherboard, and a Samsung HD322HJ 320Gb Sata drive. The machine has Windows XP Pro installed on it. I notice in device manager (and also in the HD Tune) utility that it is running in UDMA-Mode 5, when it apparently supports UDMA-Mode 7. In the bios, the sata mode is set to native IDE mode, rather than legacy IDE. I have never owned a PC with a sata drive before so, my question is...

1 - Do all sata drives run in native ide mode work at udma mode 5
2 - If not, how do i make it use the best possible mode it supports?

Any help would be much appreciated

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  1. could be native IDE, but either way its not going to matter - nothing can burn faster then ~24 mb/s (~18x) VS UDMA5's 100mb/s (~76x DVD) limit - ignore it, it aint going to matter.
  2. Both of my samsung hdd's F1 and F2 run at udma5 and the HPA is active on both drives.I set the motherboard bios to combined mode(2PATA/2SATA).
    I can disable the HPA but it run at mwdma2 only.

    Hdd's were tested on foxconn G31MG-S and gigabyte EG31M-S2 motherboard.

    The hdd tool i use is HDAT2 v4.5.3
  3. not quite right there u need smasung HITUL utility to change the UDMA if your motherboard supports higher then UMDA 5 (it will test wether your motherboard can support it ) mines currently running at UMDA 6 (can show u a screen of HD tune if you think i'm lieing ) tho the higher the sequential read and write become (increase in UMDA ) will cause lower random access times and higher CPU usage

    also apache_lives were talking about a HDD here .. so it DOES matter as the HDD can work at UDMA 5 or higher
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