Sapphire 3870 x2 really loud noise

Brought one of these beasts and it runs fine and seems stable. Everything is totally fine, that is apart from the annoying buzzing/screaming noise it is making. Its been setup to exactly what the instructions state and it seems to be running at a stable temperature. Its just really annoying me with this noise that only seems to happen at random times. It doesnt do it all the time.

Please help otherwise its going back and Im getting a NVIDA
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  1. Send it back that sound is not normal.
  2. Something might be stuck on the fan like dust or a bird. Spray some air duster in there!!!
  3. Well like I said it seems to run fine but its making loud noises. I was wondering if there was any Bios settings that needed to be tweaked as this was the main reason my memory card had problems. As for dust, Id wouldnt have thought it would have dust on it considering its only been out of its wrapper for like 48 hours lol
  4. I have a 3870 and use riva tuner to adjust the fan. The default is 25% and when i crank it up to 60% i can hear the fan rumble. Maybe you can play with the fan speed and monitor temps.....

    What powersupply is running that? and maybe slap a 80mm fan or something near the air intake so it can get fresh air into it..... just suggestions......
  5. Does it only sound loud when revved up for games? It's supposed to be pretty quiet when not doing heavy 3D. It could be that Sapphire is using a cheaper fan. E-mail them about it. Their cards supposedly have a lifetime warranty.

    My MSI factory overclocked 3870x2 is really quiet, even when playing The Witcher. So, something seems wrong with your fan.
  6. Low power warning siren, perhaps? Whats your PSU and have you connected all the required pci-e power cables?
  7. I have a hiper 880watt power supply and I have a small fan blowing air into the card. I also have an exhaust fan just above it to collect and extract heat from the case. Its not an alarm, its more of a high pitch buzzing which seems to only happen when I rev it up a bit then leave it. Where does one get this riva tuner?
  8. I also have a sapphire 3870X2 and the fan is making a buzzing/screaming noise. I've had it for about 4 months and then spontaneously this started. I take really good care of my PC and I thought maybe it was dust so I sprayed and cleaned the entire machine. Still buzzes and makes a rattling noise. If I put the case on its side the noise stops but it's really inconvenient to keep doing that. Up until this point it has been whisper quiet (compared to my previous cards).
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