Will setting wrong RAM timings cause RAM to fail Memtest+?

I have a pair of corsair XMS 2gb DDR2 800 sticks which I have been running at the motherboard default timings and default voltage of 5-5-5-15 and 1.8v.

The RAM sticks are rated 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1v. I have been using them at the default speeds/voltage for about 18 months with no problems. I went through some computer problems whereby my cpu would constantly reboot with no BSOD. I ran memtest+ and one of the sticks showed errors. Even though the sticks are identical, would improper timings cause the RAM stick to fail memtest even though one passed and the other failed? Or, with these sticks it should'nt matter and leave the RAM stick out?

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  1. RAM timings could cause memtest to show errors as well as improper voltage. Increase the voltage to 2.1v and run memtest again. The DIMM may turn out bad, but try running it with the proper Mfg. rated voltage.
  2. CPUZ will tell you that the should be run at...

    5-5-5-18 T2 1.8v
    4-4-4-12 T2 2.1v

    I have the same RAM and can OC it to 926 at 4-4-4-12 and 2.1v, no issues.
  3. thing is one tested good and the other bad using the motherboard defaults. Since they are supposed to be identical, i suspect that one has just gone bad.
  4. just bump the voltage and test it again...
    they have their differences, you know. they are not exact clones of each other....
  5. RMA the 'dead stick'. I had a Adata arrive DOA and would struggle to boot and never completed memtest86. As soon as I got it replaced, the machine flew, and has been running flawlessly ever since!
  6. Looser timings won't cause the RAM to fail. If you were using the RAM for 18 months at 1.8V then you probably have a bad stick. For fun raise the voltage to 2.1V, or whatever they call out, and test the stick again. If it runs then let it eat, it is probably bad though.
  7. Thanks so much for the responses. THe problem is I live in jamaica and to RMA 1 sticks is probably the same price as getting 2 new sticks of ram. I think I will do that instead lol :(.
  8. Sorry about your luck, man. Hope the next set works for you.
  9. Sometimes it's just a fluke that a mobo will scew up a Mem stick, or the mem stick gets damaged in shipping. I'm guessing that since you're from Jamaica that the shipping is what messed up your stuff.
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