Maximum capacity hard disk recognizeable by my system (Info Given)

Hello guyz,
I have a system and was planing to buy a new hard disk (probably one 1TB). I wanted to know about my system's maximum hard disk capacity.. Following is the information of my system (got through Tune-up System Information). Tell me if you need any more info.

Processor Info
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.0Ghz
Code name: Northwood
L1 Cache: 20 KB
L2 Cache: 512 KB
Socket: XU1 Processor
Model: Family 15 Model 2 Level 4

Bios Info
Manufacturer: Compaq
Date: 08/15/2002
Version: 686O2 v2.14
Size: 512 KB

Memory: 768 MB (512+256)
Mainboard: Compaq 07E4h
System Model: Evo D510 SFF

Currently I have two have hard disks:
1. Western Digital (300 GB, Cache 8 MB, ATA)
2. Maxtor (80 GB, Cache 2 MB, ATA)

There are no SATA cables in my system.

This info might also help:
I was just checking Maxtor Big Drive Enabler about which I had heard that it can be used with large hard disks. While installing, it gave me following error:
"Support is currently enabled for 48-bit Local Block Addressing (LBA) for ATAPI disk drives. You do not need to run this registry update. Click OK to exit."

Would be thankful if anyone could tell me about the maximum hardisk capacity my system can recognize..
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  1. There should be no problems with the max size. The main problem I see is how you are going to install an SATA drive into a system that has no SATA ports? (If that is what you mean by no SATA cables.....???)
    You will need an SATA to IDE converter. I don't know how well these work, I have never used one.
  2. The limiter is the "48-bit LBA Support". You have no problem with this because:
    1. Your system BIOS is from 2002, so it was probably included;
    2. You already are running successfully a 300GB drive, and the old 28-bit LBA limit is at 130 GB;
    3. The Maxtor utility tells you you DO have 48-bit LBA support.

    So, if you're going for a SATA II HDD, you will need a SATA II controller that plugs into a PCI slot, as jtpublisher says. Depending on how that controller does things, you may need to install a SATA driver in your OS, but that would come with the controller card.
  3. Thanks for your replies guyz... I am interested in using a Sata drive through sata controller card, can anyone please tell me which card will work good with my system?

    Detailed info of my system can be obtained from these links:
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