Hi all!

I'm having a bit of trouble with a new build and was hoping maybe someone could lend some knowledge about what might be wrong.

First off, my components:
EVGA 512-P3-N841-A3 GeForce 8800GTS (G92) 512MB GFX
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad EPS12V 750W PSU
INTEL Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU
Crucial Ballistix 2g 1066 BL2KIT12864AA1065
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB

Windows XP 32bit w/SP2B

Now everything went fine at first, window loaded etc...
I installed the video/mobo drivers via CD that came along with em...

In windows for a bit, shortly after I get this: BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!


at the bottom of the blue screen is this:
nvgts.sys - address ba724f6b base at ba714000
Which led me to believe it might be the video card.

I pulled the newest drivers off the web from another comp, burned em, transfered em, installed em, everythings fine for a sec, then the same thing.

Went into safemode uninstalled drivers, rebooted, ok for a bit, same thing, reload drivers, ok for a bit, same thing.

Went to the device manager, everything seemed ok... till i got to the PCI controller(?) not working properly.

Oh, uninstalled, rebooted/reloaded. Works ok (other than windows keeps looking/finding new hardware) system stable for a bit, BAM same error again. I was in windows for a bit and went to shut down and i got the error.

I have no idea what's going on... any ideas suggestions?
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  1. That error message means a not so stable overclock or defect/incompatible memory sticks with your motherboard/BIOS. You said it is a new build so it has to be bad/incompatible RAM. Either:
    1- get a different RAM brand or
    2- do a simple BIOS update since most new motherboards come with a retarded BIOS.

    EDIT: I've done some homework for you:
    That link above shows tested RAM for that exact board so just exchange your memory sticks for one of those. One thing I know: Corsair memory = work on almost any board
  2. Thank you for your quick reply!

    I talked to evga tech support earlier and he said it could be a lot of things... rolls eyes... even the ram')

    I have checked that site you linked before, think i'll probably have to go for the crucial 800 instead. I did read customer reviews that the 1066 did work with the board, i might have to go back and fudge some settings in the bios... if that doesnt work, i'll replace it.

    Anyways, thanks for the quick reply! very much appreciated! Hi-Five!
  3. Just a follow up:

    I left the RAM at stock/auto settings at first, still have aforementioned problems.

    Changed the voltage/timings/FSB to Crucials recommendations, Same problems.

    I'm in a chain mail response with evga, they recomended uninstalling the ide/sata drives in safemode, did it, seemed ok for a bit, restarted, same problem. did it again, same thing, and again, then drivers just started auto installing, same thing.

    Went into the Bios, disabled ide/sata conrollers, same prob:P So regardless, it seems to have the same issue.

    anyways, i replied to evga, and asked if they think it's the ram, (which i'm starting to think it is) waiting for a response... I'll post an update once i hear back from them.

    curse you IRQL!!!
  4. Mzbo!
    I got the same error message u described!I always got it during Vista installation. I had to load the SATA driver which can be found in the nforce package (15.08) After that the BSOD stopped...
  5. BTW i have ASUS Striker EXtreme mobo and having a hard time with it... many problems... My strongly feel that these many BSODs are connected to the 680i nvidia chipset...
  6. Set bios to defualt.
    Memtest your ram.
    Reinstall OS.
    Then go on to further trouble shooting.
  7. Another Update:

    reset bios to default
    made a memtest boot cd (havent used it yet, read on...)
    (on a side note, the mem is compatible according to Crucials' website..)
    Re-installed WinXP completely.

    System is now stable...(has not had aforementioned problem yet) but missing some things.

    First off, i'm starting to think that it was part of the nvidia/nforce drivers on the mobo CD/and or the Patch on the site. (they kept re-installing even after deleting in safe mode before) Currently I have not tried to load them again, because I seem to be stable atm. So i don't have the sata/ide controllers from the evga nvdia disk/patch. So far, that doesnt seem to be a problem because i'm not crashing anymore and disc drive/Harddrive seems ok.

    However, i'm also missing the network/ethernet drivers, which i'll need to get online for other updates... gonna have to start looking for those.

    szala11: that's kinda funny considering I had to do the exact opposite and uninstall the sata drivers... where did you get that driver you mentioned? I'm scared to DL any nvidia/evga drivers:P
  8. the problem can either be:
    1. Ram
    2: Drivers
    it is most likely drivers and to fix the problem go to the Nvidia website and install the latest drivers for your mother board and for your video card the Cd's that come with your product don't always have the latest updates.

    to fix the ram it is very simple just go and buy some corsair ram and your set

    btw if you still have the problem reinstall OS and then make sure you put your updates to custom because windows automatically installs updates for your drivers and some of them are corrupted
  9. i had that problem similar!

    i got that same problem only when i turned my crt off before the pc was shut down.

    so do you turn of your screen before the pc has shutted down?

    the problem was solved with a new tft and new drivers .
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