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Hi all,

I have my TV connected to my PC through S video on the 8800GT. It doesnt seem to be as high resolution as my xbox is on the TV (720p through Component [y , pb , pr])

In the NVIDIA control panel I can only choose 1024 by 768 pixels, not 1280 x 720 as in 720p. Is this because of the output or my TV? and would I benefit in buying a DVI --> HDMI adapter and using that to get my native resolution.


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Tells me S Vid limit has been hit, other threads mention DVI --> HDMI being bad, any one had success?
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  1. Luke

    I have 8800gt driving a 70 Inch HDTV(JVC). My display resolution is 1080P. I get the same resolution in 2 ways
    1)(Digital) DVI to HDMI
    2)(Analog) 8800gt Analog-Component to Component of my HDTV.

    I play video games and watch Blue Ray through it. Its a lot better than XBOX or PS3. PS3 Graphics engine is 3 generations old than 8800gt.

    Your problem is mostl likely your TV. You need to get an LCD screen or 42 Inch 1080P DV.

    You won't get a 1080P resolution unless your display can support it.
  2. S-Video isn't capable of 720p. I'd say yes, you would benefit from using a DVI -> HDMI cable as that's just what I'm using with my 8500GT and am running 1080i on my 37" TV.
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