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Hi. I need an opinion. I was planning on getting a laptop which I saw and wanted to replace my desktop. If I can get enough money I would like to get it instead. I wanted to sell a mint condition ASUS p8z77-V LX motherboard, Pentium G630, 2 4gb sticks of 8gb crucial 1600MHz and a GTX 560. How much could I get for all of this and would it be worth it?
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  1. Hey, check out some of Newegg's bare bones kits and other sites (tigerdirect, microcenter, etc) to get an idea. They also usually have a listing of how much each component costs in the bundle. Then just take off about 20% because they are used.

    If you want my guess... I'd have to say around $120 because I recently bought a bare bones with better components and all it needed was a hard drive (came with case, psu, etc.) and it was $250. Also, even though a G630 has commendable performance for a single core cpu, many newer games won't launch or even work unless you have at least a dual core. Hope this helps.
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