Compatible Memory Ballistix? Urgent

Hello At this moment I have 2gb of memory Ballistix Tracer DDR2 800MHZthe one with leds and black, and I can have 2gb but not the tracer ones just the ballistix the ones that are yellow and does'nt have leds.

I think that as they run at same speeds the only diferrence is the heat sink and and the leds they could run together and I can have 4GB.

Thank you is urgent....

By the way i forgot to say that my pc is a core 2 duo E6750 and Mobo Ga-p35c-ds3r just in case.
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  1. I got the same Crucial Ballistic Tracers DDR2 800, the black ones with the LED's. I have a Gigabyte P35-DS3L pretty much the poor mans version of the Ga-p35c-ds3r mobo and it was easy install. Also got an E8400...but anyway If it worked on that model it should work on yours I believe.
  2. Ok thank you very much I know that ir work actually I have 2 balistix tracer. but im going to buy a pair of the yellow ones, what I want to know if that I can put 2gb of the tracer that I alredy have and put 2gb more of the yellow ones? and have two blacks and two yellows 4gb total.
  3. Come on someone gotta say something.
  4. I believe it will work but have never tried it. I have 4GB (4x1GB) of the DDR2 800 Ballistix Tracers in my GA-p35-ds3r. The voltage, timings and speed are the same so it should work. I've worked on machines before that have had mixed brands of ram with no problems. As long as the voltage is the same the machine usualy defaults to the slowest speed ram.

    I guess the GA-p35c-ds3r has 4 slots for DDR2? I know it suports both DDR2 and DDR3 just not at the same time.
  5. YES it does support 4 sticks of ddr2 and 2 sticks of ddr3.
    thank you very much.
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