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I am overclockinga 3.2 P4 HT 640 Prescott. Yes I know this cpu is a litttle older but i havent scratched up the money for a q6600 yet. I just built this new rig and this is my first CPu overclocking adventure and i could use some help. I have read the P4 guide here but it is a tad old and I think that my new P5q-e mobo can push that Prescott core further. I currently am running stable at 4.19 (262x16) with a BIOS vcore of 1.58 (1.51 in PC probe). Prime95 ran for 8 hours with no errors, the Load temp was 56C and idle is about 36-38C. My FSB RAM ratio is 1:1. My real question is has any one pushed this chip further with this setup. If so what was your method? Since I am a first timer I'm sacred to push the vcore any higher.
My sys specs are:
Antec900 case
Intel 3.2 P4 HT 640@4.19 w/ Sunbeamtech CC Freezer
2x1G DDR2 800 Kingston HyperX
Asus P5Q-E
Antec TruPowerTrio 550w
EVGA Geforce 8800GT SC
X-FI Fatality Xtreme Gamer Edition
WD 79G 7200RPM
By the way I'm oc'ing by upping the FSB and vcore. Everything else I have left to automatic. I know some people reduce heat and voltages elswehere but my head is still spinning trying to absorb evrything I need to know to do all that. Any help is greatly appreciated. Oh yeah I know the PSU is just enough but is the vcore supposed to go down slightly once Prime95 has started working?
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  1. thats very good result. show use some CPU-Z screenshot showing the CPU speed and Memory speed would be nice.and grab Everest and do the "Cache and Memory Test" see what you get.
  2. Ok well as an update I am now trying 4.24 (265x16) at a BIOS vcore of 1.59v(PCprobeII 1.50v under load). P95 is running right now and I am at 57C (55-54 if I run my air conditioner.) Still locked at 1:1 FSB/Ram. I'm getting Everest as I type. I just took pics with my dig. cam. I ve never had to post a pic here what are the rules can I even attach it to a thread here or what? Forgot to mention that the software vcore I listed earlier for 4.19GHZ at 1.51v. well that ended up being 1.47 under load in PCprobeII. Now its 1.50 under load in PCProbeII. Thought I'd edit that in there. Thanks for the help.
    And I got Everest and I feel dumb because I cant find "Cache and Memory Test" version is 2.20.405. Help?
  3. OK I'll just post the CPU tab of CPU-Z here
    And the mem. page here
    It still have no idea how to run those tests on everest.
  4. i think its better for you to do a print screen.just press the "PRT SCR" button above all the home,end keys.its next to the Scroll Lock. then just save it using PAINT.

    in everest there is a benchmark in the menu its named "Cache and Memory Benchmark"
  5. Got to 4.8ghz stable with my 631 but temps were in the 70s. Thermal paste was old. Um voltage was 1.3ish
  6. 70C is fine i guess.it throttles at 72C there and about.but not sure
  7. Care to give us a CPUZ validated link? :)
  8. don't have a cpuz link, but i snapped this shot. was just playing around with it.
    mutiplier is at 12x in the shot, should be 15.
  9. blackwidow_rsa said:
    Got to 4.8ghz stable with my 631 but temps were in the 70s. Thermal paste was old. Um voltage was 1.3ish

    That's great, but the OP has a Prescott (like this author), and yours was a Cedar Mill. There is no comparison to be made with the differences between 90nm and 65nm.
  10. Well update here: 4.23 is stable for me in p95 for like 5 1/2 hours. But Like I said I'm not adjusting the volatges of the Dram or the NB. Mainly cause I dont know this mobo and what it likes. I have booted to 280x16=4.3 but it crashes a few mins into p95. And when I up the vcore in the BIOS to 1.6 it turns red so I dont know if I should stop. How would you guys go about pushing it more?
    Oh yeah I have the print spooler disabled in services.msc cause I dont have one so nothing happens when a print screen. I have a Sony VX2000 that will take all the screens I want. Thanks for the help and replies so far.
    Oh yeah, Iluvgillgill, under benchmark in, the version I have, Everest all I have is Memory read, Memory Write, and Memory latency. Do I ahve the wrong version?
    Oh yeah I got into another thread and learned about vdroop and changing the load line calibration setting on this mobo, so forget about my question pertaining to that earlier. Enabling it by the way almost eleminated the vcore drop and it made PCProbeII now say the same thing as my BIOS.(If ur wondering why I use PCProbeII, get ready for a shocker, I cant use anything else cause this CPU came out of a Dell E510. And yes I admit it was mine.LOL)
  11. Also mind posting some benchmarks? Ie Sandra, PC Mark.
  12. Well there is a problem if your talking to me shadowman. I have hughesnet internet and am limited to 200mb a day! It really sucks but anyway it makes it hard for me to get even an older version of 3DMark at 183mb. I haven't looked into what PCmark's d-load size is. I'm having to rely on Crysis(lol) for a benchmark. And cause this CPU is older but is still "virtually" a dual core you can really see the increase, so I have "some" idea of where I've come from. Really though I just need to learn something more advanced than upping FSb and vcore and manually locking FSBRam ratio at 1:1.

    Update: I went ahead and turned back off the "load line calibration" as I was only seeing a .04 voltage drop under load and I have read that only serious drops require this to be enabled because it can put stress on the mobos voltage regulation parts. Anyway, I just need to be pointed in the right direction. I know I need to be manually adjusting some Ram and NB settings but it is so hard to find other "recent" posts of people working with what I have. Oh, and I have only been able to get the vcore down, still at 4.26ghz, to 1.57 in BIOS. P95 has been in the background(small fft) for about 2 hours or so at that voltage. Can't get past this wall will some one help?
  13. Well I was able to get PCMark5 but is a trial so I get just one score of 5982 Here: http://service.futuremark.com/home.action;jsessionid=70ACD4E4CF732C7E0C9D6EE6A723B8F9
    Hope that helps.
    Sorry forgot to run one at stock-4861 here it is:
    Had to edit that in.
  14. I couldn't get 266x16=4.26ghz to hold P95 past 4 hours. I upped the vcore in the Bios to 1.6 (1.54 in OS) and ran p95, small fft, nine hours-all night, stable. Also I was going to run a blend test and about an hour into it my brother started spore and I wasn't here. It ran until he quit playing, it ran about 2 hours. So its very stable. I know its an older core so I will only bump this just once. I know I can push this chip further, I just need to know the ropes for intermediate OCing, upping NB,SB,DRAM,FSB andCPU PLL voltages.
    Anybody with a P4 in a P5Q-E? Thanks to anyone that can help.
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