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im upgrading pc for gaming im going with amd am2 rig heres what i have so far.
athlon am2 x2 5000+ cpu
msi k9a2 cf mobo
ocz platnium ddr 6400 2gb kit
hd 3850 512mb
im reusing case/powersupply hardrives and dvdrw. i plan on adding another hd3850 in few months.

my question is what kinda performance should i get out of crysis will i be able to play it at decent resolution and settings?

thanx joey
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  1. Not very good, methinks. The HD3850 is the slowest of the bunch. You spent too much money on the quad-cf mobo, but too little on the video.
  2. so i should purchase the hd3870 instead
  3. I thought you bought the HD3850. If you can get HD3870 or even better HD3870X2, go for it.
  4. Check out this ASUS, 3 PCI slots and a little less expensive
  5. no thats the only thing i dont have yet is the videocard i was waiting to see what ppl think but that mobo is nice and all but im needing a crossfire board since i plan on adding another card later
  6. that's not just crossfire, though, that's quad crossfire... are you really going to be putting in four graphics cards?
  7. no the msi k9a2 cf mobo has only 2 16x pci epress slots
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