wich temp monitor to trust?

got q6600, on asus p5ql-e

fan speed and pc probe 2 show diffrent temp on the cpu
fan speed allway's shows 10C hotter

pc probe lookes like its the same as the bios on idle
is fan speed a bust?
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  1. it all depends on what the Tjmax is for the Kentsfield line and also what Intel has listed as max Tcase.
  2. Use Coretemp for 65nm Core 2 CPU.
  3. What does CoreTemp report TjMax as for the Q6600? It's expected to be between 95 and 100C based on testing. RealTemp has had many (if not all) 65nm TjMax's bumped up by 5C.
  4. They are only as good as your sensors are. Personally I use Speedfan.
  5. Coretemp uses 105, realtemp uses 95. Pick your favorite flavor of application that allows you to set tjmax and you're good to go.
  6. I'd go with SpeedFan or RealTemp. CoreTemp doesn't have the same capabilities for calibration.
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