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Okay, I need help setting up RAID 1. MSI p7n mobo, Q6600, twin WD500GB 7200 EIDE drives.

Fist question: In the BIOS, there are two RAID setting options, one under itegrated peripherals for the "onboard E-SATA controller" which can be set to IDE, RAID or AHCI (hereinafter called first option) and one in a sub-menu titeled "on-chip ATA devices" that is simply called "RAID mode", whcih has the options IDE or RAID (hereinafter called second option).

So how do these need to be set up? The drive are not E-SATA drives, but EIDE, so would the proper setting for the first option be IDE and then I would set the second option to RAID?

Second question: How should the drives be configured. Currently, I have them both on cable select and each are on their own IDE controllers with their own cables. Is this right? If not, then how should it be?

Lastly, assuming I get all of this set up correctly, then how will I configure the RAID with windows XP. Will XP provide the option in the intial set up, or will I have to do some willy nilly floppy thing. I don;t even have a floppy drive on this new PC!

This would be so easy with a simple set of instructions, but such a document does not seem to exist. Please direct me to one if you you know of it. Thanx in advance.
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  1. As an aside, I have read the mainboard manual thouroughly, twice, and still don't have the answers I need.
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