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Ok, so I am narrowing my upgrade choice to either a Asus 3850 or the Diamond one both are 512mb. The price difference between them is about $5 after rebate and they have a similar design setup with the cooler blowing the air down away from the card. The only question is which company typically makes a better quality card? ie cooler, DVD video playback, ect and just in general overall quality.
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  1. I've read a few negative things about Diamond as far as standing behind their products and support. I'd go with Asus if that's that's the series of card you want.
  2. not to mention that ASUS comes with Company of Heroes (or at least it should do)
  3. The Asus utilities are kick ass as well. I have yet to see them matched by any other brand.
  4. Asus has been around for a long time and has a known track record.

    Diamond, not so. They went out of business some years ago before returning to the scene.
  5. get the Asus 3870X2 only 450 bucks and a free game !! yay :)
  6. Asus comes with a really good warrenty usually. 3 years usually. Most others come with 1 year.
  7. Diamond SUCKS. They have earned a spot on my personal blacklist. I bought a Diamond Viper HD3870. Oops. No support (sign up doesn't even work), not listed as an ATI OEM partner (since fixed maybe?), driver issues, fan problems, etc. etc. etc. I've commented with more details in other threads, but their screwups were too many and too pervasive for me to buy another Diamond product in the forseeable future.
    I bought an ASUS 3850. It's a lesser card, but no issues. The cooler is good. I'd buy another.
  8. Quote:
    Huh? Where do you get this information?? Diamond has been around since 1988 and never went out of business!
    One of my first 3d cards was a S3 Diamond Viper.

    They did go out of buisness for a while. Look at their page. It has support for products pre #%#% and support for products after that. There is a reason why they seperated out the support. Its because they were a different company when they made the older products.
  9. Diamond merged with S3 and then later, it's CAD cards (Fire GL) IIRC were picked up by nVidia or one of their partners which now sells them in the Quattro series.
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