3870 catalyst control center settings

I was wondering what settings you guys put your 3870 catalyst controler at so you could have the best performance/quality ratio on your games.

i am having a hard time keeping my fps above 65 in most games but i dont want the image to look like crap.

doom 3 i can max everything with "narrow-tent" aa 85fps

crysis - 30 fps no aa and mostly medium settings

call of duty 4 1280/1024 resolution and it plays at about 32-35 fps max aa and on cat controler using "wide-tent"

how could i use the catalyst controler to get my fps higher? what is wait for vertical refresh and should i use it?

what should i do with the catalyst ai? does anyone have any knowledge about it>?
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  2. Hi the difference between all the AA settings is minimal visually but it can kill the frames. I don't recommend using anything other then box unless you have crossfire. I run with all setting default to the program and mipmap at "quality". Its more important to run above 60 fps then to drool over the beautiful slide show.
    To get your FPS higher drop the AA on COD4 to 2AA (box), Crysis.....I have crossfire to keep my frames above 60 at medium.
    Wait for Vertical refresh is Vsync so that should be always on.
    Cat AI should be on "standard" (it runs optimizations).

    Have fun
  3. Just take off AA completely. The performance hit you get when you enable it is not worth the extra frames you get when its disabled. Just set everything for performance. Disable Catalyst A.I. As far as Vsync goes, enabling it will give you a performance hit, however if you don't, you will experience some tearing. If you can live with that, then keep it off. Just keep the resolution fairly high and keep the settings at high on most games. As far as Crysis goes, who really cares. Its just a tech demo ;) Though if you want better performance, disable shadows. This isn't Thief after all.
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